"The book features a reflective jacket (fitting for the book's platinum anniversary) and also has a specially printed version of the original cover underneath. It will include a new Zahn novella, Crisis of Faith, featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn. Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition is due out from Del Rey on June 21, 2011."

"Crisis of Faith" is a novella by Timothy Zahn released on September 6, 2011, that was included in Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition. It follows Grand Admiral Thrawn and bowlcarrier Trevik during a battle on the planet Quethold against Warlord Nuso Esva and the Queen of the Red's Quesoth Soldiers.

Official description[]

"Crisis of Faith" is a novella by Timothy Zahn released on September 6, 2011, included in Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition and features Grand Admiral Thrawn."[4]

Main characters[]




Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, also known as Thrawn, is a Chiss male looking to end warlord Nuso Esva. He sends his Empire of the Hand forces to decimate Esva's remaining Chosen, his fanatical warriors, at the Unknown Regions planet Quethold in 8 ABY, defeating the warlord.[4]


Trevik is a male Quesoth who becomes the bowlcarrier of the Queen of the Red, the ruler of Quethold, a day before Thrawn's attack, carrying a bowl of nectar for his Queen. He records artwork for the Chiss at his brother's request—and unbeknownst to Trevik, under Esva's directive. During the attack, the "Storm-hair," Trevik's nickname for Esva, reveals his ploy, and orders him to tell Thrawn that the Chosen will remain after his defeat after killing the Queen.[4]

Queen of the Red[]

The Queen of the Red enters an alliance[4] by 8 ABY[5] with Esva in an attempt to achieve dominance of Quethold. By providing the White City's manufacturing facilities to the warlord, the alien would kill the Queen of the White, allowing the Red monarch to rein Quethold forever. Unfortunately for her, the Imperial Grand Admiral tricks the Quesoth Soldiers into entering the palace, contrary to the warlord's orders. Esva believed the Queen was a traitor, and killed her along with the governing Circling Borosiv and other Quesoth.[4]

Soontir Fel[]


Soontir Fel

Baron Soontir Fel attacks Quethold's defenses and loudspeakers while Thrawn's stormtroopers fight the Quesoth, allowing the Chiss to stop the Quesoth attack and defeat Esva by sending a message in Quesoth Soldier Speak through a loudspeaker.[4]

Plot summary[]

«The threat remains, O Queen, […] Let us take further counsel together as to how we may deal with our common enemy. […]Let us speak to the destruction of Grand Admiral Thrawn.»
―Nuso Esva, to the Queen of the Red[4]

Nuso Esva's Chosen, who fought alongside the Quesoth

By 8 ABY,[5] Nuso Esva allies himself with the Quesoth insectoid species, promising the Queen of the Red, who leads Quethold's Red City, to kill the Queen of the White, who would succeed the Red.[4] In 8 ABY,[3] Trevik becomes the Queen's bowlcarrier, and with Borosiv of the Circling of the First of the Red's assistance, he allows the queen to drink nectar. Above Quethold, aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Admonitor, Grand Admiral Thrawn plans an assault against Esva's forces with the aid of the Stromma, the former allies of the Quesoth. The Stromma are doubtful of the Chiss's ability to know what the alien warlord will do next through art and withdraw their support, but not before translating some Quesoth Soldier Speak phrases for Thrawn's council to use in the upcoming attack on Quethold.[4]

The Stromma also retrieve information gathered from the Quesoth, including a recording of the artwork with which Esva has decorated his quarters, the Dwelling of Guests. Although the information was sent on Esva's directive to trick Thrawn into attacking Quethold in a way that would give the warlord the upper hand, Thrawn realizes that, and applies that to his strategy. When the battle begins, thousands of Quesoth Soldiers attack thirty-six Imperial stromtroopers, however, Baron Soontir Fel destroys the loudspeakers that allow the Queen to give orders to her forces, and uses one to transmit an order to retreat to the palace from the Queen. Esva notices the Soldiers coming to the palace, and in anger kills the Queen, Borosiv, and all Circling and Midlis but Trevik, who he sends to tell Thrawn that he may be dead, but his empire was not. Esva's Chosen and the warlord himself are killed shortly after, allowing Thrawn to announce his plans: restore the Galactic Empire.[4]


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