The Crisis on Umbara was an event that took place after the beginning of the War on Iokath. To infiltrate the Order of Zildrog, Theron Shan staged his defection the Eternal Alliance, setting a trap for his friends on Umbara. Seeking to retrieve a shipment of adegan crystals from an Umbaran hovertrain, Theron leaked a transmission with the same encryption method he used on Iokath, alerting the Alliance Intelligence. He traveled to Umbara along with Lana Beniko and the Alliance Commander and a faked a betrayal, locking his friends in the cabin of the train that crashed into the mountain. The two bailed before the impact and chased after Theron on foot but were too late to stop him from leaving the planet with many of the crystals. Afterwards, Theron Shan was fully welcomed into the Order, while the Alliance began to search for his whereabouts.



Having learned about the Order of Zildrog that sought to bring down the Eternal Alliance, one of the Alliance's founders Theron Shan approached the head of the Order Vinn Atrius under the guise of wanting to join the Order and bring the Alliance down. Atrius refused to listen to him, which led Shan to arrange a trap for the Alliance Commander during the War on Iokath to prove his dedication. He then approached Atrius again, who still distrusted Shan and asked him to secure a shipment of adegan crystals from Umbara to convince him of his motives.[4]

The crystals were being transported on a hovertrain headed to the Umbara capital city and were guarded by Umbaran soldiers and Shadow Assassins. Theron arranged for a transmission from the train to be sent with the same encryption algorithm that he used on Iokath, tipping the Alliance Intelligence about the traitor's whereabouts. Having obtained this information, Lana Beniko immediately relayed it to Theron Shan and the Commander, and the three of them departed to Umbara in a shuttle to catch the traitor.[2]

The Mission[]

Upon arriving on Umbara, the trio managed to board the train and engaged Umbarans guarding the shipment of the crystals. They fought their way through the opposition and defeated Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin Elli-Vaa, finally reaching the cockpit of the train, which they found empty. Theron Shan then revealed himself as the traitor to the shock of others and fired at the Commander, hitting Lana instead. He then laid another shot at the control panel, activating a force field that trapped Lana and the Commander inside the cabin.[2]

Umbaran Spider Tank

Theron then laid out his fake motivation,[4] presenting himself as seeking the Alliance's downfall ever since the death of Valkorion and intending to finally bring peace to the galaxy. Saying his goodbyes, Theron then detonated several of the train rings, causing the train to crash into a nearby mountain range, while he himself escaped on a speeder bike. The Commander and Lana bailed out just before the crash and chased after him on foot, while also fending off local wildlife. Meanwhile, having support of Umbarans, Theron managed to secure a large part of the adegan crystals shipment, loading it onto his shuttle. The Commander and Lana caught up with him, but were unable to stop Theron before his shuttle left Umbara and were forced to contend with an Umbaran Spider Tank which covered Theron's escape.[2]


After defeating the tank, Lana and the Commander headed back to Odessen with the remainder of the adegan crystals. Lana informed the Commander that she was using her spy network to locate Theron, as well as his mother Satele Shan. The Commander then decided to send an open holo message to Theron across the HoloNet. Impressed with his dedication to their cause, Atrius and the others reached a decision to welcome Theron Shan into the Order of Zildrog.[2] Using his unique infiltration skills, he was tasked with finding a holomap that held coordinates to Zildrog's location.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Depending on the player's choice to support either Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic during the War on Iokath, the Umbarans are joined by the other faction, now waging war against the Eternal Alliance to avenge the death of their leader (either Jace Malcom or Darth Acina). Before the train crash player can address Theron peacefully, seeking to smooth things over, or angrily, claiming they will hunt him down; this choice will affect dialogue during the two subsequent flashpoints. In their HoloNet message to Theron after the mission players can either pledge one hundred Eternal Fleet warships as a peacekeeping force under his command in a Light Side option, or declare him a terrorist and a madman, placing one billion credits bounty on his head in a Dark Side option.[2]



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