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"When I first arrived on Coruscant, I had nothing more than a second-hand Crisp-E-O donut droid and a dream… a dream serving good food to good folks."
―Dexter Jettster[1]

The Crisp-E-O donut droid was a type of cooking droid that prepared donuts using an internal oil fryer. A unit belonging to the chef Dexter Jettster had access to a database of over 2,400 donut recipes, and it prepared Adarian-style donuts daily after selecting the recipes it considered the most delicious. Jettster employed his Crisp-E-O on the planet Coruscant first at the food stand Dex's Donuts, and later at the café Dex's Diner.


A donut

"Our Adarian-style donuts are made fresh daily by a genuine Crisp-E-O donut droid. Bright and early every morning, our Crisp-E-O unit sorts through its database of more than 2,400 donut recipes to choose the delicious varieties to be made that day using its internal oil fryer. You never know when you'll discover a new favorite."
―Dexter Jettster[1]

The Crisp-E-O donut droid was a model of cooking droid that specialized in the preparation of donuts. It was equipped with an internal oil fryer, and its memory included a database of donut recipes; one unit, owned by the chef Dexter Jettster, was able to access over 2,400 such recipes and choose what it considered to be the most delicious. The unit's database of donuts included varieties such as dianoga cream-filled, powdered Christophsian sugar, yowvetch custard-filled, muja fruit-filled, iced Trammistan chocolate, iced Endorian maple, iced with chopped ettel nuts, iced with shredded Ishi Tib-cracked coconut, and iced with dark matter sprinkles.[1] Cooking droids were classified as fifth-degree droids, which were typically programmed for menial tasks and built without advanced cognitive modules.[2]


"Incidentally, that Crisp-E-O unit I started with still works the breakfast shift. Now that I've found success, I suppose I could replace it with a fancy modern droid, but being fancy isn't what we do here at Dex's Diner."

Years before[1] 22 BBY,[3] Dexter Jettster obtained a second-hand Crisp-E-O donut droid and arrived on the planet Coruscant, where he opened the food stand Dex's Donuts on the corner of Zevanth Street and Avenue Peth. His Crisp-E-O prepared the donuts, which were on the menu alongside freshly-brewed caf. Several years later, Jettster received a settlement payment when an inattentive air taxi driver destroyed the food stand, and he used the credits to open Dex's Diner, a small café where he continued to employ his Crisp-E-O donut droid. It prepared Adarian-style donuts in its fryer daily. Although he could afford to purchase a newer droid, Jettster preferred the top-quality donuts made by his old model.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Doug Chiang's original concept art of a donut droid

"Dexter's Crisp-E-O donut droid (an idea also from the initial pitch) was inspired by a Doug Chiang drawing of a kitchen automaton that didn't make it into Episode II."
―Gregory Walker[src]

The Crisp-E-O donut droid was first mentioned in "Dining at Dex's," a short story detailing the menu of Dex's Diner that was written by Gregory Walker and published online through StarWars.com's Hyperspace feature in 2009.[1] The Crisp-E-O was inspired by concept art[4] of a whimsical donut droid by artist Doug Chiang that was originally intended to appear inside Dex's Diner in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Chiang's design ultimately went unused in the film's final cut,[5] and Walker developed the Crisp-E-O due to a fondness for abandoned concepts.[4]


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