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Crispin Hoedaack was a functionary and the commander of the New Galactic Empire's attempt to annex the Aquilaean system. He was entitled Governor and First Lord of the Aquilaean System and Surrounding Territories.


Crispin Hoedaack had initially served as a governor within the New Galactic Empire. However, nearing the start of the Aquilae Campaign, Hoedaack was promoted to the rank of First Lord of the Aquilaean System and Surrounding Territories by the reigning Emperor Cos Dashit, an arrangement that Dashit and Hoedaack had agreed to in private earlier. Before the speech, Hoedaack informed Dashit that the crowds had been awaiting at the Plaza of the Daders all morning. Secretly, however, he alongside Darth Vader and Vantos Coll plotted to usurp Dashit's authority. Eventually, Hoedaack perished when his space fortress was destroyed by Wookiee pilots and Luke Skywalker in orbit around Aquilae.

Personality and traits[]

He was a young man with angular features and gray eyes, as well as blond hair and fair skin. Due to his status as a member of the cabal that replaced the Great Families, which formerly made up the Supreme Tribunal, he was also extremely ambitious. Hoedaack hoped to gain the directorship with the assistance of his allies, Darth Vader and Vantos Coll.

He wore a black and red military uniform with gold shoulder pauldrons at the time of his promotion.

Behind the scenes[]

Hoedaack's surname was slightly modified and assigned to Montross Holdaack in the first draft. He is the precursor of Wilhuff Tarkin. The name Tarkin was assigned to a religious figure on Aquilae in the rough draft.



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