The Crix-class diplomatic courier shuttle, also designated as DC-4a, was a diplomatic shuttle used by the Galactic Alliance and later by the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet.


Galactic Alliance shuttle shuttleblueprints

Top and side profile of a Crix-class diplomatic shuttle.

The Crix-class displayed certain characteristics of both CEC designs as well as some Mon Calamari features, given their cooperation on the design. The hulls showed the Mon Cal influence, while the interior, bridge and engines were very Corellian.[1]

It had an armored shell with a narrow slot between the halves for the engines, cockpit and weapons. It also had a long, narrow fin mounted on the upper hull which contained powerful long-range communication arrays. The DC-4a was lightly armed and had a set of exposed light laser cannons that were controlled by the pilot. It also included a retractable turret in the lower hull that housed blaster cannons. An alternate variant of the vessel, Crix-class assault shuttle or A-2s also existed, with heavier armor, firepower and shielding.[1]


The jointly-designed Crix-class was named after Rebel/New Republic General Crix Madine, based on his Corellian background and for his effort to save Dac during the invasion of the World Devastators over a century earlier.[1]

Admiral Gar Stazi used a DC-4a shuttle to reach the Wheel for a meeting with Captain Mingo Bovark of Roan Fel's Imperial loyalists. After using Command Override Limpet Droids to take control of a turbolaser on Bovark's Nune-class Imperial shuttle, Stazi's shuttle was targeted. The shuttle managed to raise its shields in time, and after Admiral Stazi boarded the shuttle, it left the Wheel.



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