Crix Sunburris was a male Human Jedi Master and an ace pilot within the ranks of the Jedi Order's Starfighter Corps. Stationed at the Coruscant Jedi Temple in the years proceeding the Ruusan Reformation, Sunburris contributed much to the Order, credited with beginning the Chu'unthor project. Additionally, Sunburris penned several chapters of the Temple guidebook titled, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force.


Like most Jedi of the era, Master Sunburris served the Order as a member of the Army of Light in the crusades against the Brotherhood of Darkness known as the New Sith Wars. A member of the Jedi Starfighter Corps for over two decades, Master Sunburris was dubbed a Warrior Master and Air Marshal of the Republic following his accomplishments in the war; such as destroying over 300 enemy starfighters. Upgrading the Order's fleet of vessels post-war, Master Sunburris began traveling the galaxy and visiting the satellite academies operated by the Order.[2]

Always in top shape, Sunburris would spend several hours each day engaged in lightsaber cadences, unarmed combat, and sprinting. Because of his station in the Starfighter Corps, the leaders of the Exploration Corps would often consult with Sunburris in regards to their praxeum ships. Post war, Sunburris sponsored a project that was designed to produce a massive ship (which he attempted to name after himself) for use in galactic travel and exploration. Together with Masters Fin-So-Rowan and Ivixa Delbaeth, Sunburris and his forward-thinking colleagues hoped to give Jedi Knights and Padawans alike more exposure to galactic cultures than was available at the Jedi Temple. The project was not finished during his lifetime, but eventually saw fruition under the name, the Chu'unthor. When his fellow Masters proposed that a guidebook to the life of the Jedi be written, Master Sunburris agreed to work on the project, contributing several chapters regarding to the work of the Guardians, galactic travel, and education aboard praxeum ships.[2]

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Sunburris was unquestionably an excellent starfighter pilot and lightsaber duellist. However, he was something of a braggart, and did not hesitate to promote his personal achievements. In his chapters in The Jedi Path, he was quick to name his various titles and his deed of destroying over 300 starfighters during the New Sith Wars. When consulted for a project to create a massive new praxeum ship, Sunburris initially attempted to name the vessel after himself.[2]

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While it did not make it into the finished edition, Daniel Wallace, author of The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, released a list detailing the genders and species of each of the authors of the in-universe The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. Master Sunburris is revealed to be a male Human. Daniel Wallace viewed Sunburris' character as that of a braggart.[1]


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