The Croke Reach was an Unknown Regions sector that contained the Explume Minor system.[1] The latter was the site of Explume Minor, an astronomical object settled by members of the Croke species.[2]

During a civil war, a faction of the Croke introduced the invasive Lugubraa species in the Croke Reach to fight as soldiers for them. Over the following 300 years, however, the Lugubraa began to overrun Croke settlements, including Explume Minor, causing the Croke to fight for their survival. They eventually commissioned the cloners of[2] the extra-galactic planet[3] Kamino to create a genetically engineered variant of the Lugubraa. The purpose behind the creation of the Lugubraa variant was to help fight the Lugubraa in the Croke Reach, but, over time, the engineered members of that species proved to be a threat to the Croke, as well.[2]

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The Croke Reach was introduced in the 2010 sourcebook The Unknown Regions, published by Wizards of the Coast for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.[2]

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