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"Explume is lost to the Lugubraa, six hexes be upon them. Cloak and evacuate the nestlings while I—Awwwwkk!"
―Shell Conjurer Firtha[2]

A civil war embroiled the Croke species of the Croke Reach in the Unknown Regions for several generations. After some factions unleashed Lugubraa mercenaries upon their foes, the insatiable soldiers not only wrought havoc on their targets' worlds, but also those of their employers. The Croke petitioned the Kaminoans to clone a new strain of Lugubraa to fight back their mainline cousins. This new batch consisted of Lugubraa known as blind berserkers; however, it proved just as dangerous and uncontrollable. The Croke found themselves fighting to avoid extinction against the new force, which the Croke Reach natives called the Leech Legion.


Croke factions unleashed Lugubraa mercenaries upon their foes.

A civil war erupted amongst factions of the Croke species, who inhabited the Croke Reach of the Unknown Regions. During these hostilities, some Croke groups utilized Lugubraa mercenaries against their enemies, hoping the ravenous marauders would decimate their targets' planets. The technique backfired, as the Lugubraa proved even more successful than had been intended and turned on their masters' worlds as well. After several generations, the Croke, regardless of their side in the civil war, found themselves fighting the Lugubraa to secure their very survival.[1]

The Croke turned to the cloners of the planet Kamino for help against the Lugubraa menace. They commissioned genetically-modified Lugubraa soldiers to turn on their mainline brethren, and the Kaminoans sold them a strain of Lugubraa known as the blind berserkers. Nevertheless, this new force—dubbed the "Leech Legion" by the Croke—also proved more destructive than anticipated.[1][3] Among the Croke planets affected by the Lugubraa was Explume Minor, where the Shell Conjurer Firtha ordered the cloaking of Croke nestlings—using the species' inherent illusion-casting ability—and their subsequent evacuation.[4] Hostilities with the Lugabraa continued long after the civil war that sparked them had ended.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Croke civil war is described in The Unknown Regions, a sourcebook published in 2010 for the Saga Edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast. The book places the war "more than 300 years ago";[1] however, because the book is designed for use in any time period from the Old Republic to the Legacy era, the precise dating of the war cannot be determined.[5] The section of the book that describes the war was written by Daniel Wallace, who used it as an opportunity to expand on the background of not only the Croke species, but also the Leech Legion, a group he introduced in his 2009 book The Essential Atlas.[6]


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