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Crolutes were a hulking aquatic humanoid sentient species from the planet Crul. Crolutes were exclusively male, while their mates, the Gilliands, were exclusively female. When removed from their native saltwater surroundings, Crolutes' buoyant, gelatinous body tissue sagged unsettlingly from their bodies. Like the Mon Calamari, they had flipper-like feet that could fit into standard humanoid boots.

Biology and appearance[]

Crolutes were aliens of aquatic origin[5] from the Mid Rim planet of Crul.[6] Hulking[7] and gargantuan,[8] They had buoyant, gelatinous body tissue. When removed from their saltwater surroundings, Crolutes' bodies sagged unsettlingly on their frames, giving them the appearance of a melted blobfish.[5] They had flipper-like feet,[4] much like the Mon Calamari.[9] They could hold their breath for hours at a time.[6]


The ancestors of the Crolute species lived in the warm, shallow seas of Crul, and first came ashore during the planet's summers, when bulls fought for mates and guarded breeding colonies on the beaches. The species underwent millions of years of evolution, adapting to life on land despite still loving the water, and eventually evolved into Crolutes who kept a clan-based society run by bulls and alpha-cows.[6]

Society and culture[]

Crolutes lived in the saltwater[5] oceans of their homeworld,[4] and were surprisingly graceful and agile swimmers. They adapted to life on land, forming a clan-based society and creating breeding colonies on the beaches where bulls fought for mates. Alpha-bulls kept harems of junior spouses and concubines, and were constantly challenged by younger bulls and cows. Crolutes were naturally aggressive and ruthless, but actual violence was limited as disputes were typically settled with ritualized displays of intimidation and dominance.[6]

Clan compounds were constructed around lagoons, and the species retained a love of the water. Alpha bulls and cows lived in mansions with deep, lavishly-decorated immersion tanks, which were favored sites for diplomatic and trade negotiations. Clan leaders debated while floating on their backs and gorging on banquets of gastropods and fermented kelp-ichor.[6]

Crolutes in the galaxy[]

Most Crolutes never traveled beyond their home planet and its colony-moons.[2] One exception was Unkar Plutt, who was the junk boss of Jakku.[7]

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