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Crossbows were primitive weapons normally used by archaic peoples who did not have the technology to build blaster weapons or even black-powder weapons.


The crossbows fired small arrow-like projectiles, known as spears[2] or bolts. The crossbow needed to be reloaded via a windlass after each shot, giving it a rate of fire that was slower than a regular bow. Variants included the Alliance bolt-thrower, the Ewok crossbow and Ewok Festival of Love crossbow. More powerful versions of repeating crossbows such as the auto-caster also existed.


Mostly primitive species such as the Ewoks of Endor used this weapon.[2] However, many professional assassins, hunters, and sportsmen included modified versions of these weapons in their arsenal, as they were absolutely silent and perfect for hunting targets, whether for task assignments or sport. As a further benefit to explorers, the crossbow bolts could be manufactured by hand with a little time and effort, although the quality would depend on the one making it.



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