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The crossguard lightsaber was a type of lightsaber that utilized either a metallic crossguard or emitted one or two additional, smaller blades on the sides of the primary blade. Variants of the crossguard lightsaber design included the forked lightsaber and the vented lightsaber.[3] They were often the preferred hilt for practitioners of Makashi, the second form of lightsaber combat.[2]


A weapon primarily used by duelists among the Jedi Order, the crossguard lightsaber resembled the standard lightsaber hilt but possessed quillons, either consisting of a metallic material[4] or secondary emitters. The blades of the secondary emitters were produced by a specialized power modulator that utilized a splitter to produce two very short blades. The purpose of these blades was to shunt power away from the main blade and to block and catch an opponent's blade. Some variants of the crossguard had only one secondary emitter, at varying angles.[2]


A forked lightsaber

Forked lightsaber[]

The forked lightsaber was a variant with only one smaller blade. One such lightsaber was utilized by Jedi Master and General Roblio Darté, whose weapon had two blue blades. With only one secondary blade, the secondary emitter was angled at 45-degrees from the main blade.[5] Another wielder of this variant was a Gran Jedi.

Vented lightsaber[]

The vented lightsaber was a variant that emitted three blades – a primary blade and two raw power vents on its sides. Two such lightsabers were utilized by Jedi Master Dazh Ranos during the war against Zakuul.[6] These types were commonly used by Makashi duelists.[2]

Similar lightsabers, all with red blades, were used by a group of Nightsisters in league with Sai Sircu during the Clone Wars.[7]

Vented dualsaber[]

This was a variant with four blades total – it consisted of a double-bladed lightsaber with power vents forming smaller blades on its sides.

Behind the scenes[]

While the two-blade forked lightsaber had appeared in the 2004 comic Republic 61, the crossguard lightsaber did not appear in the Star Wars Legends sources until the 2014 Patch 2.6.0 update for the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game, when the "Dauntless Avenger's" and "Indomitable Vanquisher's" lightsabers were added to the Cartel Market, which featured short metallic quillons. Later, two versions with lightsaber blade quillons called the "Defiant Vented Lightsaber" and "Defiant Vented Dualsaber" were added to Star Wars: The Old Republic in patch 4.5.0 in 2016, and the Endless Vigil RPG sourcebook, after the design had already appeared in the canon film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. Given that The Old Republic and the Fantasy Flight Games role-playing game are the only Legends lines that continue beyond the Disney acquisition of LucasFilm, this marks one of the few cases of elements of the post-2014 canon being incorporated into the Legends continuity.



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