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"You used to believe good soldiers followed orders."
"Depends on who's giving them. The Empire betrayed us both."
"And you think you can fight them? That's not you. You're like me. Loyal to no one but yourself."
"I've changed."
―Rampart and Crosshair[8]

Crosshair, formerly designated CT-9904, was a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as part of Clone Force 99. Crosshair possessed genetic mutations that gave him exceptional eyesight and marksmanship skills. As a result, he acted as a sniper and a long-range combatant.

Upon the activation of Order 66, Crosshair was the sole member of Clone Force 99 that attempted to carry out the order. Frustrated with his team's disregard for the rise of the Galactic Empire, Crosshair was eventually selected by Governor Wilhuff Tarkin to be deployed against his former teammates and was given the military rank of Clone Commander.

Even though he had his behavioral modification biochip removed, he remained loyal to the Empire. Crosshair also hoped that Clone Force 99 would band together again, albeit under the new Empire. As an attempt to facilitate this, he shot down his Elite Squad members in Tipoca City on Kamino and fought alongside his brothers in arms before being caught up in the destruction of the city. He survived, but chose to remain loyal to the Empire.

After spending several months getting medically cleared for active duty, Crosshair resumed his work as a trooper and was sent to Desix with Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody," who ended up deserting the Empire after witnessing its violent methods. Following a mission on Barton IV, Crosshair turned against the Empire as well after Lieutenant Nolan left Clone Commander Mayday to die, arguing that he was expendable. Crosshair was eventually recovered by the Advanced science division, a clandestine science and research division experimenting on clones, and brought to Mount Tantiss, a facility on Wayland. There, he was interrogated by Imperial scientists Doctor Royce Hemlock and Emerie Karr concerning the location of his former squad, Clone Force 99.

Five more months later, Crosshair still remained a prisoner on Tantiss, this time with the company of a previously captured Omega. Thanks to joint cooperation, Crosshair and Omega managed to escape from Tantiss and ended up reuniting with the Clone Force 99, with whom Crosshair would end up putting the past behind him, recognizing his wrongs in the service of the Empire.


Republic Commando[]

CT-9904, who took on the name Crosshair,[5] was a defective[2] male[3] clone of[2] bounty hunter Jango Fett.[9] However, Crosshair's defects proved to be applicable for military purposes,[2] resulting in him being considered an enhanced clone.[5] As a result, he and several other clones with desirable mutations were formed into a clone commando squad known as Clone Force 99, but they informally called themselves "the Bad Batch." Working as a squad and rarely working with regular clone troopers, Crosshair and his squad-mates secured a hundred percent success rate. Although Crosshair developed a disdain for them, there were rare missions that saw regular clone troopers—whom Crosshair and the rest of his squad called "regs" (short for regulars)—work alongside the Bad Batch, but according to fellow Bad Batch member Wrecker, whatever transport the squad was using would always be shot down if they worked with regular clone troopers.[2] At some point during the war, Crosshair and his squad met Cut Lawquane and his family on Saleucami.[10]

Battle of Anaxes[]

Covert operations[]

"We don't usually work with 'regs.'"
―Crosshair, to Jesse[2]

Crosshair and the Bad Batch arrive on Anaxes.

During the Battle of Anaxes, Crosshair was deployed alongside the rest of his squad, Clone Force 99, as special reinforcements under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. Deployed to a Cyber Center, the squad set out to retrieve intelligence that could have turned the tide of the battle. En route to their destination, Crosshair stared at Jesse, who questioned what was he looking at. Crosshair responded that he and the Bad Batch did not usually work with "regs." The situation was quickly defused and they were briefed on the mission.

On the way to the center, Clone Marshal Commander Cody was injured. When Clone Captain Rex, attempted to take command, Crosshair met this with protest alongside Wrecker, subsiding when Clone Sergeant Hunter officially ceded command to Rex. Upon reaching the cyber center, Crosshair was left outside to secure the perimeter. After the squad retrieved information revealing that Echo, who was thought to have perished on Lola Sayu, was in fact alive on Skako Minor, Crosshair secured a shuttle to transport him and his squad back to the base.[2]

Rescue of Echo[]

"I think you're letting your personal feelings get in the way because you left him for dead at the Citadel."
"I had no choice. You hear me?"
"Oh, I don't blame you. I would have left him for dead too. Besides, he's just another 'reg'.
―Crosshair and Rex, on Echo[11]

Clone Force 99 eventually helped rescue Echo on Skako Minor.

Crosshair, with the rest of Clone Force 99 as well as Rex and Skywalker, traveled to Skako Minor with the goal of retrieving Echo from the Techno Union city of Purkoll. Upon landing, the group were attacked by keeradaks. Crosshair shot a grapple into a keeradak that had began carrying Skywalker away, allowing Hunter to hold on and attempt to give pursuit. After the keeradak escaped with Skywalker, Crosshair and his squad rendezvoused with Hunter at the edge of a Poletec village. After a brief skirmish, the clones and the Poletecs came to a ceasefire, and the chief, Qin Yazal, agreed to assist the clones and Skywalker in reaching the Techno Union facility.[11]

Upon arriving at the Purkoll Tower Base, Crosshair remarked that it could be a trap, and accused Rex of blindly leading the squad into a trap because of his guilt over leaving Echo for dead on Lola Sayu. Crosshair angered Rex further by saying that he would have willingly just left Echo for dead due because he was a "reg." Rex, angered, attacked Crosshair, and the fight had to be broken up by Skywalker. As the group made their way through the base, Crosshair assisted in clearing a large group of D1-series aerial battle droids. With the assistance of Skywalker, Crosshair dispatched another group of droids that had almost cornered the Jedi General.[11]

As Rex and Tech attempted to locate Echo, Crosshair, Skywalker, and the other members of Clone Force 99 continued to fight the aerial battle droids that were closing in on them. After Echo was freed, the clones and Skywalker began their escape; unable to call for reinforcements due to the unsanctioned nature of their mission. Echo opened a vent, which Wrecker and Skywalker helped the group into in order to leave the facility before it was blown up by Wrecker. Skywalker and the clones continued moving through the vents before finding themselves outside on top of a pipe. Crosshair momentarily lost his footing but was saved by Wrecker. The group then leaped onto a flock of keeradaks flying under the pipe and made it back to the Poletec village.[12]

After returning to the village, Crosshair spotted a group of D-wing battle droids that had followed them. He managed to take out all but one; the escaped droid reported the clones' location to Wat Tambor. After the droid's escape, the clones briefly argued with the Poletecs before convincing them to help them defend the village. Crosshair and his team helped to defend the village from a legion of D-wing battle droids, as well as two octuptarra tri-droids. After ending the threat of the droids, Crosshair and his team boarded the Marauder to return to Anaxes.[12]

Victory over Anaxes[]

"You miss me? How touching."
―Crosshair, to his squad, before sniping two lines of battle droids[13]

Back at Fort Anaxes, Echo devised a plan to drive the Separatists from the planet. The Bad Batch would go with Anakin and him to the Invulnerable, where he'd send false strategies to the Separatist Admiral in order to win the battle. Although the plan was approved, Crosshair and the Bad Batch still had their suspicions about Echo's true loyalty. Nevertheless, he successfully jammed the Marauder's signal, allowing the group to enter the Separatist dreadnought. Once inside the ship, Crosshair and Wrecker stood guard outside while Echo executed his plan.[13]

As the system overloaded Echo with electricity, shocking him unconscious, battle droids approached their position. Crosshair dispatched them together with Wrecker, while Skywalker went to deal with Admiral Trench. As they returned to the Marauder, Crosshair bought them time by using his reflector disks, allowing him to destroy the approaching droids. This stunned Wrecker, who had wanted to have the best move, and Crosshair gloated that he wouldn't be able to beat it. As they flew back to Anaxes, Crosshair nodded in disappointment, conceding defeat in their friendly competition, as Wrecker was allowed to blow the entire ship with a remote detonator.[13]

On the Republic base, the team was congratulated by the Generals. While they were getting medals for them, the Bad Batch told Echo that they were leaving, since accolades weren't "their thing," but allowed him to join them if he wanted to. Eventually, Echo accepted to join the Bad Batch. As Rex watched, Crosshair and the rest of Clone Force 99 saluted him.[13]

Conquest of Kaller and Order 66[]

"What are you doing?"
"Following orders."
"We don't even know what the order is. Stand down until we know what's going on."
"Good soldiers, follow orders."
―Hunter and Crosshair[5]

The Bad Batch shortly after the execution of Order 66.

During the conquest of Kaller, Clone Force 99 was led to an ongoing skirmish by Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume. As the rest of his squad fought on the battlefield below, Crosshair remained on a higher point, taking out enemy droids from above. When the operation was complete, Crosshair slid down from the hill, rejoining his squad as they approached Dume, his master Jedi General Depa Billaba, and Clone Captain CC-10/994 "Grey." Under Billaba's orders, Crosshair prepared to accompany his squad and Dume to another ongoing skirmish where they were needed. However, their new mission was cut unexpectedly short when Captain Grey and a squad of clones, under the influence of Order 66, opened fire on Billaba.[5]

As Dume ran to help Billaba, Crosshair and his squad gave chase. Dume escaped and Billaba was killed, much to the horror of Hunter, Echo, Tech, and Wrecker. The four wondered what Order 66 was, while Crosshair did not appear to be as shocked or confused, instead looking on at the distance. Seemingly unaffected by the order, Hunter split the squad up, taking Crosshair with him to find Dume. While chasing after the Padawan, Crosshair fired at him, much to his sergeant's confusion as he consistently ordered him to stand down as they needed more information. While pursuing Dume, Crosshair was knocked out by the Padawan following a brief fight; by the time he came to his senses, the Padawan was nowhere to be found. Crosshair asked his sergeant if the Jedi was dead, which Hunter confirmed, but the sharpshooter believed otherwise.[5]

Rise of the Empire[]

Return to Kamino[]


Crosshair and his squad-mates were recalled to Kamino and later witnessed the formation of the Galactic Empire.

Upon returning to Kamino, Crosshair berated Hunter for refusing to execute Order 66, surprising his teammates who pointed out that Crosshair had shared their disregard for command in prior missions. After returning to their bunks, all clones on Kamino were directed to attend an announcement regarding the Republic's status. During the assembly, Crosshair watched as the newly anointed Emperor Palpatine declared the formation of the Galactic Empire. After the announcement, Crosshair and his squad met Omega, a female genetically altered clone who was familiar with their identities. After Omega left, Crosshair and his team came to the mess hall to eat. After Omega sat to eat with them, to Crosshair's annoyance, a group of normal clone troopers walked by, insulting Clone Force 99. As Omega and Wrecker retaliated, prompting a fight to break out, Crosshair attempted to continue eating. However, he joined the fight when Echo was thrown onto the table, and as a result, Crosshair's food.[5]

Expecting punishment on their way to speak to the Prime Minister, Lama Su, Crosshair and his team were warned by Echo that Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin was present on Kamino. Before reaching the Prime Minister, the squad was redirected to the training facility, where Tarkin wished to assess their combat capabilities after witnessing their fight in the cafeteria. During the initial training exercise, Crosshair assisted by taking out each of the turrets, before sniping enemy combatants from one of the towers. When Tarkin ordered a second exercise to be performed using live rounds, Crosshair took cover at ground level and attempted to aid his squad in the exercise. When only one training droid remained, Crosshair instructed Wrecker to throw his knife into the air; Crosshair shot the knife, causing it to stab the remaining droid in the head.[5]

A test of loyalty[]

"Disobeying orders again over a kid? Bad play, Hunter."

At some point, Crosshair had filed a report against his teammates, stating their failure to faithfully execute Order 66. Taking note of this report, Tarkin decided to assign a new mission to Clone Force 99 to test their loyalty. Crosshair, alongside his squad, traveled to Onderon, believing that they were assigned to eliminate a group of insurgents supporting the Separatists. Upon realizing that the group they were assigned to eliminate consisted primarily of civilians, Crosshair was still prepared to carry out his orders, unlike the rest of his squad. Hunter ordered Crosshair to stand down, to which Crosshair responded with resistance. However, the group as a whole was apprehended by Saw Gerrera, who was leading the group of civilians in hopes of finding them safety.[5]

While Gerrera spoke to Clone Force 99 about the truth of the Empire's new order, Crosshair remained defiant to his claims, insisting that the mission be completed in full. He also remained hostile to Gerrera as a result. After the clones were released and Gerrera left, Crosshair insisted that they finish the mission, but was prevented from doing so by the rest of his squad. The group then departed to return to Kamino, hoping to retrieve Omega before she could be harmed.[5]

Rejection of the Bad Batch[]

"You never could see the bigger picture. Now surrender."
―Crosshair, to Hunter[5]

Crosshair's inhibitor chip was enhanced under Tarkin's orders, causing him to pledge his full loyalty to the Empire.

Upon returning to Kamino, Crosshair and his teammates were immediately apprehended and placed in the brig, alongside Omega. Crosshair became angry with Hunter, blaming him for the situation they were in due to his unwillingness to follow orders. When the argument subsided, Omega approached Crosshair, attempting to console him and convince him not to turn on his brothers, stating that his urges were not his fault. Crosshair was then taken away by clones and into the medical bay under Tarkin's orders, who had noticed that he was far more loyal to the Empire compared to his teammates. Nala Se, who accompanied Tarkin, inspected Crosshair and noted that while his inhibitor chip was not as active as a regular clone's, the order was still working, hence Crosshair's drastic change in personality. Tarkin then proceeded to have the chip enhanced to ensure full loyalty.[5]

Crosshair, now outfitted in new armor, was then deployed to the hangar, where he confronted his former teammates who were attempting to escape with Omega. After Hunter briefly tried to reason with Crosshair, Crosshair opened fire, forcing the squad into cover. As Clone Force 99 attempted to make their escape, Crosshair shot Wrecker, briefly incapacitating him. Before Crosshair could further harm the other members of the squad, however, his rifle was shot out of his hands by Omega. Crosshair attempted to continue fire utilizing his blaster pistol, but was unable to prevent the escape of his former squad mates.[5]

After Crosshair's defection and Clone Force 99's escape from Kamino, the squad once again visited Cut Lawquane on Saleucami. Lawquane inquired as to why Crosshair was not present with his squad.[10]

A new squad[]

"Our top recruits are here to begin their training under their new commander."
―Vice Admiral Rampart, to Wilhuff Tarkin[6]

Soon after Clone Force 99 escaped, Crosshair and Tarkin met with Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart, who introduced the two to a group of four non-clone humans, who had been selected to participate in elite training under Crosshair's command. One member of the Elite Squad, ES-01, was belligerent towards Crosshair and expressed confidence that he would be taking over command of the squad soon enough. Crosshair, alongside his new squad, was given the assignment of completing Clone Force 99's final mission, as a test of their effectiveness in combat.[6]


Crosshair and his new squad on their first mission.

Returning to Onderon, Crosshair and his squad swiftly took out the remaining Onderonian rebels and apprehended the survivors. Crosshair placed one survivor at blaster point, asking her where Gerrera was. When she responded that she didn't know, Crosshair remarked that he believed her, and promptly shot her. Crosshair then turned, ordering his squad to execute the remaining survivors. ES-01 objected, stating that the survivors should have only been captured, and attempted to give the other squad members alternative orders. Crosshair then shot and killed ES-01, stating that he was placed in charge because he is "willing to do what needs to be done." Shortly after, the remaining squad members executed the remaining survivors under Crosshair's command.[6]

Upon returning to Kamino, Crosshair informed Tarkin and Rampart that the insurgents were handled, although Gerrera himself had escaped. When Tarkin asked where ES-01 was, Crosshair claimed that he was killed in battle and that he knew the risks. Without another word, he and his squad then returned to what was once Clone Force 99's bunk, where Crosshair sat in contemplation.[6]

Meanwhile, during a mission to Ord Mantell, Omega was given Crosshair's old comlink.[14] As Clone Force 99 began performing more mercenary work, Wrecker complained about being ordered to take point, lamenting that it was Crosshair's old job.[15]

Hunting the Bad Batch[]

"Try again, Hunter! I told you before, you're surrounded!"
―Crosshair taunts Hunter, after he corners him in an ion engine.[16]

Crosshair confronted his former squad on Bracca.

Sometime after the mission on Onderon, Crosshair reported to Vice Admiral Rampart and Lama Su that the Bad Batch had been spotted on Bracca by the Scrapper Guild. While the Prime Minister advised that the rogue clones be brought in alive, Rampart ordered Crosshair to terminate his former squad.[16]

Soon after, Crosshair and his squad arrived on Bracca along with a large contingent of clone troopers, landing near the wreckage of a Venator-class Star Destroyer where the Bad Batch was spotted. When ES-03 reported that their sensors were being jammed, he recognized it as the work of the Bad Batch and that they were still on board the wrecked ship. After dispatching several troopers to secure the Marauder, Crosshair and the rest of the troops advanced into the wreckage.[16]

Once on board, Crosshair ordered his troops to funnel the Bad Batch towards the hangar; in reality, these orders were a ruse, as he had predicted that his old comrades would tap the Imperials' comms to track their movements. This intuition proved correct, and the Imperials were able to surround the Bad Batch in the Venator's artillery deck. Crosshair chastised his former squadmates for their predictable tactics. Hunter and Omega pleaded with him to resist the inhibitor chip's influence, but Crosshair was unfazed and ordered his squad to target Omega. However, Tech and Echo managed to activate the nearby turbolasers, causing the ceiling above them to collapse, raining debris onto Crosshair and his company. After an intense firefight with several clone troopers, the Bad Batch managed to escape.[16]

Recovering, Crosshair ordered ES-04 to the Venator's bridge and await further orders. Crosshair boarded one of the Imperials' Nu-class shuttles, taking the position of the Venator's ion engines along with several clone troopers. As he expected, the Bad Batch attempted to escape through one of the Venator's ion engines. He pinned them down with his sniper rifle, taunting his former squadmates that they were surrounded. With the Bad Batch trapped inside, he ordered ES-04 to fire the engines and incinerate them. However, the Bad Batch detonated charges around the inside of the engine, causing it to split in half, sending a torrent of fire directly at Crosshair. The blast launched him backwards, knocking off his helmet and severely burning his face. A squad of clones landed nearby to recover Crosshair, and he angrily informed them that the rogue clones were headed back to their ship. A clone medic bandaged Crosshair's wounds and fitted him with a breath mask, and when the troopers informed him that the Bad Batch was on the run, he demanded to be taken aboard the shuttle to rejoin the hunt. His shuttle then pursued the Marauder through Bracca's atmosphere. However, the Bad Batch was able to escape.[16]


"It would seem I underestimated your four friends. If only they were fighting with us instead of against us."
"Request permission to hunt them down."
―Rampart and Crosshair[17]

After the rescue of the Syndullas by the Bad Batch, Crosshair was allowed by Vice Admiral Rampart to track down the rogue clones.

Sometime after the failed mission on Bracca, Crosshair recovered from his injuries, although he had burn scars on the back of his head, and accompanied Vice Admiral Rampart to Ryloth to root out insurgents there. In Lessu, Ryloth's capital, Crosshair kept a lookout for rebel leader Gobi Glie, eventually spotting him while Orn Free Taa and Cham Syndulla gave speeches. Sometime later, he meant with Rampart and Taa in the latter's office. Taa proposed disposing of Syndulla due to his popularity with the people, but Crosshair stated that Glie was whom Taa should focus on instead before he and Rampart left the room. Later, Crosshair spied on Hera Syndulla as she accompanied Glie on a supply rendezvous with the Bad Batch on one of Ryloth's moons. Before they left the area, Crosshair fired a tracking beacon onto their ship and reported this to the Empire.[18]

When they returned, Crosshair hit one of the ship's engines as it entered a canyon, later capturing Glie and Hera with a group of clones. When Cham came to rescue her, Crosshair initially did not participate as planned by Rampart. When the Imperials were forced to surrender, Crosshair, overlooking the scene, was then ordered by Rampart to incapacitate Taa with a shot to the head, thus framing Cham for an assassination attempt.[18]

A while later, Clone Force 99 arrived on the planet, having been hired by Hera to rescue her parents The Batch (minus Hunter and Echo) attacked the imperial refinery. The clones were all ordered to the refinery. Knowing the strategies of his squad, he ordered his elite squad to remain outside the palace. After Howzer, a Clone Captain, came out denouncing the Empire, Crosshair ordered the clones who did not sympathize with Howzer to arrest him and those who followed him. Howzer did successfully manage to distract Crosshair from the escaping Syndullas and the Bad Batch in Orn Free Taa's personal ship, however, Crosshair failed to snipe it before it could get out of range. He then asked Rampart for permission to hunt his old squad down, which was granted.[18]

Clone clearout[]

"The operation is ahead of schedule."
"Good. Ensure every viable clone is mobilized."
"And the Kaminoans?"
"We have our orders. Keep an eye on them, until the time is right."
―Crosshair and Rampart[19]

Returning from Ryloth, Crosshair and Rampart were present when all the clone troopers were being transported off Kamino. Crosshair told Rampart that the operation was ahead of schedule. He was ordered to ensure that every viable clone was mobilized and sent off from Kamino. He then questioned what would happen to the Kaminoans, and was told to keep an eye on them.[19]

Hunter's capture[]

"You betrayed everything we stood for. And for what? The Republic?"
"We're loyal to each other. Not some empire."
"You weren't loyal to me. I was one of you. You may have forgotten, but I haven't. And it's why I'm going to give you what you never gave me. A chance."
―Crosshair and Hunter[20]

While on a mission to Daro, Hunter was captured by the Empire and imprisoned there. Crosshair visited Hunter in his cell. He told him that although he hoped for the entire Batch to be there, Hunter would suffice. He then transported Hunter to Kamino. Crosshair used Hunter's comm to lure the rest of the Bad Batch to Kamino, knowing that they would come for him despite being an obvious trap. Hunter tried to persuade Crosshair to leave the Empire but to no avail. When the Marauder was detected entering the planet, Crosshair and his Elite Squad moved to the training ground. He again used Hunter's comm to lure Echo, Wrecker, and Tech there, while Omega was ordered to remain in the training droid storage room. Knowing the Batch would expect Crosshair to be waiting at the front door for them, Crosshair predicted that they would come through the lift.[20]


Crosshair held his former squadmate as bait.

As he predicted, the Batch did exactly that, and they were surrounded. He ordered Echo, Wrecker, and Tech to drop all their weapons, which they did. He questioned Omega's location, sending ES-02 to find her. ES-02 was successful, and Crosshair ordered her to put Omega on a shuttle and send her off-world. Hunter argued with this, but Crosshair told him that it was for her own good, as well as Hunter's. He once again tried to persuade Crosshair to return to Clone Force 99, while Crosshair tried to convince the Batch to join the Empire. Crosshair revealed that he felt betrayed by the Bad Batch, feeling that their claims of loyalty to each other were ridiculous because they had abandoned him. However, he was willing to give them a chance and ordered his squad to stand down. When they refused and prepared to fire, he fired a shot from his blaster towards a reflector disk he had placed earlier, killing his entire squad.[20]


Crosshair killed his Elite Squad Troopers to appeal to his brothers.

Omega and AZI-3 took out ES-02 and activated the training droids. Crosshair and the Batch were forced to team up to take out all the droids and were successful. When Hunter tried to explain the chips once again, Crosshair revealed that he had his chip removed a long time ago and that he was genuinely loyal to the Empire. Shocked by this revelation, Hunter asked when exactly he had the chipped removed, but Crosshair tried to dismissively change the subject. Before he could fire, however, Hunter stunned him. Hunter proceeds to turn his body over and look at the burn scar at the back of his head, implying that Crosshair's chip was damaged and removed after being wounded on Bracca.[20]

Bombardment of Tipoca City[]

"Crosshair, forget the Empire. This isn't you. It's your inhibitor chip. We can help you."
"Wrong. I had my chip removed a long time ago. […] This is who I am."
―Hunter and Crosshair[20]

ES-02, who had regained consciousness, rendezvoused at the training grounds and found her squad-mates dead and Crosshair fighting with the Bad Batch. ES-02 believed Crosshair had turned traitor, having been suspicious of his leniency towards his old squad, and quickly left the scene to inform Rampart that Crosshair had lost control of the situation. Rampart then ordered his Venators to sink the city into the sea, deciding to have the clones die together.[20]

When Crosshair woke up, he realized he was trapped in a flooded room with Omega and AZI-3. After a struggle, Omega and AZI managed to save Crosshair. He, Omega, and AZI were able to escape the flooding room with the help of Wrecker and his vibro-knife. They made their way to a tube which led to Nala Se's secret lab. Crosshair questioned Omega's lead when the tube came under attack from a large creature. The creature attempted to bite through the exterior of the tube until AZI rebooted the power. The creature was electrocuted and swam away. Wrecker then came to Omega's defense by pointing out that they would not be in their current dire situation if not for Crosshair, as well as criticizing him for never trying to come back to them, despite ample time, opportunity, and their willingness to take him back. Tech simply remarked that Crosshair's personality was simply part of his nature and neither he nor his squadmates could hope to change that; when Crosshair asked why Tech was defending him, Tech clarified that understanding Crosshair's nature did not mean that he agreed with him, leaving Crosshair somewhat chastened. The Batch, Crosshair, and AZI made their way to Nala Se's lab, where Crosshair was told that this was where he gained his mutations by Tech and that Omega was older than them. Crosshair told Omega that just because she was a defective clone did not mean that she was "one of them." Before departing his presence, Omega remarked that she wanted to believe the inhibitor chip was what made Crosshair so cold but he has proven her wrong.[3]

They then witnessed that the tube that would bring everyone to the Marauder's landing pad was destroyed, so they came up with a plan to get up there. They split up and got into medical pods; Crosshair was paired with Hunter. Omega set off thermal detonators, letting water flood the room, and carrying the medical pods out of the room. AZI guided the pods around the debris, successfully getting Hunter, Crosshair, Echo, Wrecker, and Tech up to the surface. However, AZI was unable to get Omega up to the surface and lost power. Omega went out of her pod to save AZI, however, she was unable to do so. No one up on the surface could see Omega and AZI except for Crosshair, who launched a grappling hook onto AZI and reeled them up, saving both of them. With the rest of the Bad Batch training their weapons on Crosshair, he surrendered his rifle to Wrecker.[3]


Crosshair and the Bad Batch witnessed the destruction of Tipoca City.

When they arrived at the landing platform, Hunter gave Crosshair the chance to rejoin the Batch. However Crosshair declined, stating that he made his decision, wanting to stay with the Empire and that the bombardment didn't change anything. Omega thanked him for saving AZI, and Crosshair replied to consider each other even after Omega saved him. He watched the Bad Batch depart in the Marauder while remaining on the platform, alone.[3] After thirty-two rotations spent on Kamino, he was recovered by the Empire.[7]

Mission on Desix[]

"Remind me. How long were you left stranded on that Kaminoan platform before being recovered?"
"Thirty-two rotations."
"Hmm. All that time. Left for dead and yet you still came back. Why?"
"I'm a soldier of the Empire."
―Vice Admiral Rampart and Crosshair[7]

After having been medically cleared for active duty, Crosshair was sent on a mission with CC-2224 "Commander Cody" to the separatist world of Desix, on which the new Imperial governor, Governor Grotton, was being held hostage by the Desix Separatist holdout, led by Tawni Ames, who claimed to be the rightful governor of the planet. Using the cover of a diplomatic mission, the squad managed to wipe out the remaining battle droids present on Desix and locate Governor Grotton. Despite Commander Cody trying to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, Crosshair executed Ames. Grotton then demanded her body to be displayed in the square of the city as a warning.[7]


After the Mission of Desix, Cody shared his doubts about the Empire with Crosshair and deserted soon after.

Back on Coruscant, Cody wondered if they were making the galaxy a better place by contributing to the rise of the Empire, to which Crosshair replied that they were simply following orders. However, Cody insisted on the fact that, unlike droids, Clone troopers had the ability to make their own choices, and therefore had to live with them, before walking away. Due to his success on Desix, Vice Admiral Rampart later entrusted Crosshair with another mission and requested him to report to CC-1226. When Crosshair asked why this mission would not be done with Commander Cody, in which he notably gets annoyed when the Vice Admiral only recognized him by his birth number, Rampart revealed that the latter had gone AWOL and sarcastically pointed out that clones were not as loyal as they used to be.[7]

Mission on Barton IV[]

"You... You could have saved him!"
"Perhaps you didn't hear me. He is expendable, as are you."
―Crosshair and lieutenant Nolan, on commander Mayday's death[21]
Mayday and Crosshair

Crosshair met Mayday, a clone commander whose squad had been practically abandoned by the Empire.

Around 18 BBY,[22] by which point Crosshair had committed countless atrocities for the Empire,[23] Crosshair was enlisted to accompany Lieutenant Nolan on a mission to the Imperial Depot of Barton IV. After landing, he met clone commander Mayday, a bearded scraggly clone commander. Shortly after, the base was ambushed by intruders. While attempting to shoot an intruder, Crosshair was temporarily blinded by the explosion of an Rho-class transport shuttle. After having recovered, Crosshair shot the intruder, injuring them. As he regrouped with Mayday and lieutenant Nolan, the two clones were ordered to retrieve the cargo stolen from the intruders. Following the blood left behind by the injured intruder, Crosshair and Mayday discovered a cave system which had been used to breach the perimeter of the base. Inside the cave, they found a dead humanoid pirate, left by his group. However, Crosshair accidentally stepped on a pressure mine. Improvising, Mayday disarmed the pressure mine and helped Crosshair escape the mine.[21]

Upon exiting the cave, they discovered the intruders' hideout. Using his thermal sensors, Mayday spotted two guards outside of the area. Advancing on the hideout, the two clones incapacitated the guards before distracting the other raiders with electro magnetic pulse grenades. Using the element of surprise, they attacked the raiders with their blasters. One of the raiders attempted to flee with stolen cargo on a snow skiff but Crosshair shot him. Mayday then shot two raiders before being attacked by other raiders wielding electrostaffs. Crosshair neutralized Mayday's assailants and the two retreated as more raiders emerged. Taking shelter behind a rock, the two exchanged fire with the raiders. Spotting a pile of pressure mines near a power generator, Crosshair blasted it, neutralizing the raiders. The large and loud explosion caused an avalanche which directly came down on the clones.[21]

Mayday dies

Crosshair attempted to save Mayday, but Nolan denied him a medic.

In an effort to save Crosshair, Mayday shoved him behind a rock, but was subsequently swept under the snow. After recovering, Crosshair pulled himself out of the snow and began to search for Mayday. Upon finding a severely injured Mayday, Crosshair helped him up and they began their trek back to the Imperial Depot. The two clones endured the icy and freezing conditions. Upon arriving to the depot, they witnessed several Imperial shuttles descend on the base. Stormtroopers disembarked from the shuttles and began loading cargo from the base onto their ships. Once spotted, Nolan approached them and chastises them about their failures. Crosshair begged Nolan for a medic but Nolan refused, commenting that clones were expendable and that any more disrespect would mean death. Nolan's cruelty and unkindness infuriated Crosshair.[21]

While watching an ice vulture circling, Crosshair decided to avenge his fallen brother right then and there. He addressed Nolan who turned around to see his fate, and shot him dead with his blaster pistol. He then attended to the fallen Mayday while stormtroopers approached him, Mayday, and Nolan. Crosshair soon collapsed from exhaustion. Upon waking up, he was greeted by imperial doctor Emerie Karr. She informed him that the doctor would see Crosshair once he recovered. She then injected sedative into Crosshair putting him to sleep.[21]

Interrogation on Wayland[]

"Plan 88. You have to hide. They're after..."
―Crosshair sending a message to his former squad on Wayland[24]

Crosshair on Mount Tantiss

Later somewhere in Mount Tantiss on the planet Wayland, Crosshair was led from his cell to an operating room by two TK stormtroopers. There, he was greeted by Karr who warned him to cooperate with Hemlock. Soon Hemlock arrived accompanied by two stormtroopers. The Hemlock informed Crosshair that he had recovered quickly and that Crosshair was not brought to Tantiss to be punished. Instead, Hemlock offered a clean slate in exchange for the location of Clone Force 99. Crosshair countersed that the squad would not give up Omega that easily but Hemlock disagreed, explaining that Omega was Imperial property. When Crosshair responded that he knew nothing of the squad's locations, the stormtroopers forced him onto the operating table. They restrained him and Hemlock brought out an IT-O Interrogation Unit. The droid then injected Crosshair under the supervision of Karr.[24]

Escape from Mount Tantiss

Crosshair warned Clone Force 99 that the Empire was after Omega.

When Karr suspended the interrogation, the stormtroopers protested that they had to continue until Crosshair spoke. While Karr was distracted, the guards tried to secure his restraints under her orders. However, Crosshair grabbed one of the guard's blaster rifle and shot the stormtroopers and the interrogation droid. Karr attempted to reason with Crosshair but he forced her to free him at blasterpoint. Karr pointed out that he could not travel far in his condition but Crosshair demanded her access card. She tried to convince him once again that he could not escape but he eventually stunned her with the blaster. Crosshair made his way through the facility's corridor and shot two stormtrooper sentries.[24]

He unlocked a blast door and neutralized four armed stormtroopers. Crosshair then entered Terminal 3 and used Karr's access card to send a transmission through a satellite mentioning Plan 88, a plan utilized by Clone Force 99. Stormtroopers detected the unauthorized transmission and sealed the room. However, Crosshair managed to get a warning to the Bad Batch before being incapacitated by a green toxin. Hemlock entered Terminal 3 and explained that unlike Crosshair, he was immune to the toxin. Crosshair then faded to unconsciousness.[24]

Despite Crosshair's warning, Omega was captured by Hemlock and brought to Mount Tantiss. After entering the facility, the young clone spotted an unconscious Crosshair strapped to an operating table. Shortly after, Karr revealed her true identity as yet another female clone of Jango Fett.[25]

A new path[]


Omega attempted to teach Crosshair to meditate on Pabu.

As Crosshair remained in Imperial prison on Tantiss, Omega, who was made to be a lab assistant, visited him from time-to-time, promising to find a way for them to escape despite Crosshair's pessimism.[26] However, they eventually succeeded in escaping the facility.[27] Following their escape, Crosshair alongside Omega rendezvoused with Hunter and Wrecker, leading to a sour reunion.[28] However, Crosshair was soon accepted back by his old family after retrieving crucial Imperial information on Barton IV.[29] The Bad Batch's newfound trust in him, however, did not reach others in the Clone Underground network such as the clone trooper Howzer, who viewed Crosshair as the one responsible for the death of many clones.[30] Nevertheless, Crosshair once again proved himself changed after risking his life for the safety of others during the battle on Teth against the clone assassin CX-2.[31]

Invasion of Pabu[]

After the Empire invaded Pabu after learning that Omega was hiding there following CX-2's discovery, Crosshair urged Omega to stay with him after Batcher went after a group of stormtroopers. Hunter attempted to acquire a gunship to escape the planet, but the attempt was foiled by CX-2, who shot the pilot dead. Not wanting to bring more harm to the villagers, Omega elected to surrender herself to the Imperials and let Clone Force 99 track her via her comlink, which Crosshair disapproved as they would most certainly find it. She then suggested that he shoot a tracker on their ship, which he also disapproved of, finding it risky. Omega eventually made him do so, but due to his deteriorating skill, Crosshair ended up failing to do so.[32]

Mission to Erebus[]

Following Crosshair's failure to plant the tracker on the ship, the clones were unsure as to how they could pinpoint the coordinates of Tantiss. Crosshair eventually admitted that he knew of a method, much to Hunter's concern, but Crosshair defended himself by stating that he did not want to return and that it was a last resort. He revealed to him and Wrecker that he believed that the former Admiral Rampart could be able to help, revealing that after he had been arrested, he had been sent to Erebus to serve out his sentence at a labor camp on the planet. With Genoa's assistance, they were sent to Erebus to extract Rampart.[33]

Crosshair and his fellow allies infiltrated the transport that Rampart was on, using Plan 55 to breach the hold. Crosshair immediately killed several troopers before Rampart recognized him through his identifying number. Crosshair sarcastically told Rampart that he was touched to know that he had remembered him and stated that the target was secure, much to Rampart's amusement. He demanded that he tell them where Tantiss was, during which the disgraced admiral attempted to leverage his position, only for Crosshair to shut him down. An warden then ordered gunships after the transport, one of which was able to disable its controls. Crosshair watched over Rampart to ensure that he wouldn't try anything on him or the others, which ended up proving true when Rampart tried to shoot him, only for Crosshair to shoot the blaster off his hand. As Rampart knew that he would not be killed, Crosshair simply told him that he was only safe for now before stunning him and extracting him off-planet.[33]

Following the escape, Crosshair reiterated his demand to Rampart, who proceeded to tell him that he too wasn't sure of his location. Rampart then revealed that there might be a loophole to discern Tantiss' coordinates, prompting Crosshair to threaten him as he was still suspicious of his motives, but Rampart stated that they were in it together whether they liked it or not.[33]

Rescuing Omega[]

Upon arriving at Wayland, the shuttle the squad was using was attacked by the Imperial forces. Crosshair and Wrecker descended into the forest first, followed by Hunter and Rampart. Crosshair was annoyed that Rampart had survived, since the clones believed he was "dead weight," much to the former vice-admiral's chagrin. While attempting to escape a dryax that Rampart had accidentally awoken from its slumber, they ran into a patrol group sent by Hemlock to investigate the crash site. Crosshair remained with his brothers while Rampart went his own way and was caught by another patrol.[8]

Omega, who suspected her brothers had come to rescue her due to the laser cannon fire, began her own plan to escape and catch up with them. During her investigation, she discovered a Zillo Beast enclosure and told the other children held captive in the vault about it. They began their escape plan and successfully freed the captive beast, who broke out of the facility. The three clones spotted the beast and Crosshair asked who was responsible, only to be told that it was likely Omega. Due to Wrecker's injuries, Crosshair also insisted on infiltrating the base alone, but Hunter and Wrecker disagreed, reminding him that they were a team. Crosshair, however, told them that the team had died when they had lost Tech.[34]

When they attempted to infiltrate the facility, they were met with a large group of TK stormtroopers and clone assassins. Crosshair urged that they retreat, but the troopers engaged them in a firefight. As one assassin was electrocuting Wrecker, Crosshair attempted to grab a blaster, but CX-2 stepped on his arm and taunted him about being careful with his shooting hand. As the trooper did so, he cut off Crosshair's hand with a vibroblade. Hemlock began to torture the clones, but Omega and Echo found and freed them. Crosshair accompanied Hunter, chasing after Hemlock and Scorch. They shot down a starship that Hemlock had called in before killing Scorch. When Hemlock threatened to kill Omega, Hunter told Crosshair to fire on the binders he had put on. Crosshair refused, worried that he might shoot Omega, but Hunter noticed her pull out a surgical tool and told him to wait until he made her move. Omega proceeded to stab Hemlock in the arm, after which they shot the binders and then Hemlock, killing him. Crosshair later bent down to his knees alongside Hunter and shared a hug with Omega.[34]

After rescuing Omega, Crosshair and the rest of the squad would spend their days on Pabu. When Omega left to join the Rebellion, she asked Hunter to take care of Crosshair and Wrecker for her.[34]

Personality and traits[]

Quiet clone sniper[]


Crosshair excelled in both marksmanship and cynicism.

According to Sergeant Hunter, he was capable of shooting targets from ten kilometers away.[2] Crosshair cherished his 773 Firepuncher rifle. As a result of his sniping skills, the specialist commando had a feeling of superiority, disliking the idea of needing to work alongside unaltered clone troopers.[35] Crosshair's deformites included him being more slender than his stockier brothers, and having silver hair. He also had a tattoo of a circle and a line vertically across his right eye, a designed that matched his namesake.[5]

Crosshair was also known for his caustic attitude and icy demeanor. He had a general disdain of "regs," a term used by Clone Force 99 to refer to regular clone troopers, and was always the first to express criticism, usually in a very sarcastic way.[2] Nevertheless, he proved that he could always remain calm, even remaining as such when failures occurred around him.[36] He could be rude to others, often offering unsolicited and harsh criticisms accusing others of ineptitude, or otherwise breaching a sore subject.[12]

Crosshair had a very dry sense of humor, which often put him at odds with his boisterous teammate Wrecker. Although the two could work together quite effectively, Crosshair and Wrecker often engaged in competitive quarrels about which one could destroy more battle droids in the course of a mission. This was especially seen when Crosshair destroyed a considerable amount of battle droids within a few seconds with a single blaster shot.[13]

Imperial loyalist[]

"The Empire will control the entire galaxy. And I am going to be a part of it."

Crosshair during the Imperial Era

After Order 66, Crosshair's free will was limited, prioritizing the Empire over his teammates, and challenging Hunter for his disobedience. Initially, the chip did not fully corrupt his mind, as he continued to stick with his group despite his frustrations with them for not obeying Order 66. However, once Admiral Tarkin had his inhibitor chip enhanced, the brainwashed Crosshair lost all loyalty to Clone Force 99, attempting to kill his brothers without remorse.[5] Like any other clone under its effects, Crosshair attempted to follow his orders without question, even if it meant killing civilians[6] or children, such as Omega.[16]

Crosshair removed his inhibitor chip at some point, but he continued to remain loyal to the Empire. Nonetheless, despite his initial attempts at killing them, he did show concern for his old squad, wishing to have them serve the Empire together. Likewise, he also showed some degree of concern for Omega's well-being, despite trying to kill her at the start, and was willing to have her taken off-world for her own good, believing that living with "fugitives" placed her in constant danger. He also rescued her to pay back for her saving him earlier during their escape from the Empire's bombardment of Tipoca City.[20] In spite of this he remained fully loyal to the Empire and defended every immoral act committed by it, including murdering Jedi, slaughtering innocent civilians, and even destroying an entire city, as "what needed to be done."[3]

After suffering severe burns during the mission on Bracca, Crosshair had burn marks covering the right side of his head. He also shaved his head.[20] Crosshair also demonstrated a rather hypocritical and selfish side to his personality, especially after splitting from his squad. Most notably he derided Hunter for, as he saw it, taking things too personally when Crosshair himself had clearly not let go of what he perceived as his squad betraying him by leaving him behind and also demonstrated little reciprocal loyalty to his squad by not trying even once to reunite with them despite proclaiming a desire to do so but instead expecting them to come back to him.[3]

Return to his family[]

Realizing how expendable he was to the Empire and seeing that his loyalty was not returned,[31] Crosshair finally betrayed the Empire after the death of Mayday, whose preventable demise, combined with Lieutenant Nolan's anti-clone attitude, was one bridge too far for the once-loyal sniper.[21] He regarded the Empire as an institution that had betrayed him. Ultimately returning to his family in Clone Force 99 and acknowledging he had carried out actions he remembered as mistakes,[29] Crosshair changed his ways.[8] After rejoining his former squad, Crosshair began to have issues with his sniping skills, missing shots that he would normally have no issue with. This would constantly frustrate him, and he would clench his shooting hand whenever it happened.[29]

Skills and abilities[]

"Crosshair, on the other hand, he's not much of a conversationalist, but when you have to hit a precise target from ten klicks, Crosshair's your man."

Crosshair excelled as a sniper due to his enhanced eyesight.

Being a genetically enhanced clone, Crosshair had exceptional eyesight.[5] Due to this, Crosshair had almost unrivaled accuracy with ranged weaponry, particularly with his sniper rifle;[2] no matter the distance, Crosshair could[36] almost always[5] hit any target he was tasked with shooting.[36]

Crosshair could regularly hit objects, large or small, with exceptional precision from extremely long distance. As noted by Hunter, this precision could extend to miles away.[2] On Ryloth, despite being positioned at what seemed to be more than a mile away, Crosshair shot Gobi Glie's starship out of the sky by destroying the engine. Not soon after, this was again displayed when he shot Orn Free Taa in the head so precisely, it did not kill him.[37]

Crosshair could also hit small objects while they were in motion. On Anaxes, in Clone Force 99's effort to destroy a wave of oncoming droids, Crosshair shot explosive charges while they were in mid-air, causing them to activate early and maximize damage.[2] On Kamino, during Tarkin's battle simulation, he shot Wrecker's airborne knife into the head of a battle droid. On Skako Minor, Crosshair destroyed an entire hallway of battle droids using a single blaster bolt, by precisely firing it into a series of reflective apparatus that bounced off the walls and tore through multiple targets.[11]

In addition to his unrivaled marksmanship, Crosshair's enhanced eyesight also allowed him to see objects through low visibility. Following the destruction of Tipoca City, Omega nearly drowned when she swam after AZI-3. Crosshair saved them by precisely hitting the droid with his rifles grappling attachment to pull them both to the surface. He was able to achieve this despite his target being several meters under choppy sea water, a feat made even more incredible by the lack of daylight.[3]

Crosshair was also fast and flexible to climb towers and even slide down them.[5] He also had some hand-to-hand combat skills and held his own against Hunter.[20] When Crosshair broke out of Mount Tantiss, he began suffering from trauma by being imprisoned. This would affect his shooting hand and sniping skills.


"I get my own comm device?"
"Technically, it was Crosshair's, but he doesn't appear to be needing it."
―Omega and Tech[14]

Crosshair was an excellent marksman and used a customized sniper.

Serving as the Bad Batch's team sniper, Crosshair utilized a customized 773 Firepuncher sniper rifle[35] in combat, though he was also armed with a DC-17 hand blaster. The clone commando wore modified Katarn-class Commando Armor with a semi-circular cutout on the right upper edge of his helmet visor, to adapt to the scope of his sniper rifle.[2] His backpack could not also carry grenades but also holster his blaster rifle when he didn't need to use it. He also used a special type of reflector disk that could stick to surfaces and re-deflect his blaster bolts, allowing him to hit multiple enemies with one shot.[13] Crosshair also owned a comlink that could be mounted on the wrist. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Crosshair's comlink was given to Omega by the rest of the squad, reasoning that he no longer needed it[14] if he was with the Empire.[5] He also had a weapon kit which was left on the Marauder.[6]


Crosshair wields his DC-17 hand blaster while on Onderon.

After the Order 66 directive in his inhibitor chip was enhanced, he also sported a new Elite Squad Trooper armor model during his Imperial service. His new armor was extremely similar to his older modified Katarn-class Commando Armor model, but it was colored in a sleek dark gray with slight modifications added to the armor itself, some examples are that his visor lacking the semi-circular cutout on the right side of his helmet and the addition of "grills" found on the Phase II clone trooper helmet. The helmet's visor was also changed from black to green in color.[5]

After being taken to Mount Tantiss, Crosshair lost most of his gear and used a DC-15A blaster carbine in an attempt to warn his former squad.[24]

Behind the scenes[]

Crosshair on kashyyyk

Crosshair aiming his rifle at beasts in the unfinished episodes on Kashyyyk.

George Lucas had a very specific vision of the Bad Batch, in that he wanted a version of The Dirty Dozen with clones. Dave Filoni sketched their appearances which Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz used to imagine the Bad Batch's voices and personalities. Matt and Brent worked with Dave to flesh out the characters and their story where Crosshair was based on Clint Eastwood, like a Clone version of Cad Bane.[38]

Crosshair was to appear in a four episode arc written by Michnovetz[39] which starred the Bad Batch which now included "Echo," alongside Yoda on Kashyyyk. At the "Untold Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Anaheim, Dave Filoni talked about the plot of the arc. He revealed that the characters would ride on "giant ape lizards," that were holy to the Wookiees in a religious way. In one scene Tarfful would ask the tree spirits for permission to go into battle against the enemy, which was a Trandoshan and the Separatist Alliance. To get the enemy out of some of their cities they would have to burn some of the trees. The Clones had no problem with it, but it was upsetting to the Wookiees. A part of the arc would be about the Clones and the Wookiees finding a common ground to fight the Separatists. A story reel clip was shown at the panel, which showed the Bad Batch and other Wookiees riding on the "ape lizards" and battle against a new beast that was based on kinraths from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game.[40]


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