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"Crossing Paths" is the sixth episode of the first season of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the sixth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on July 11, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia show the Freemakers the selfless nature of The Force.[1]

Plot summary[]


TIEs pursuing Luke and Leia's Y-wing

The episode opens with Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa flying a Y-wing starfighter that is being pursued by several TIE fighters. Their Y-wing's rear deflector shield is hit and their two A-wing starfighter escorts are also destroyed. In an attempt to lose the TIE fighters, Luke flies the Y-wing through the surface of a pinnacle planet. One of TIE fighters collides with a pinnacle but the pilot survives and lands on the Y-wing's canopy. He tries to force Luke to surrender but the Jedi pilot uses the windscreen wiper to throw him off.

Continuing their flight through a canyon, Leia manages to shoot down one of the TIE fighters. After a brief reminder from the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi telling him to use the Force, Luke blasts a cliff-face that destroys the remaining two fighters. Despite losing the TIE fighters, the Y-wing begins to overheat. Luke and Leia then travel to the Wheel to seek repairs at Freemaker Salvage and Repair.

Dealing with customers[]

Zander, Leia, and Kordi

Meanwhile, Wick Cooper visits Freemaker Salvage and Repair, which he disparages as the worse repair shop in the galaxy. When Kordi Freemaker asks him why he still comes, Cooper replies that they charge ten percent cheaper than the other repair shops. He also enjoys pushing his weight around Zander Freemaker by telling him that he cannot touch the speeder bike. Meanwhile, Naare departs on a secret mission that does not involve Rowan Freemaker. When Rowan asks when he will be getting his lightsaber, Naare tells him "when he is ready." Cooper later tells Zander not to go anywhere near his speeder bike before leaving.

Before leaving, Naare tells Rowan she expects him to be more focused on his training. While flying into space, she narrowly collides with Luke and Leia's Y-wing. Naare leaves on the Eclipse Fighter just as Luke and Leia arrive at the Freemaker Garage in their Y-wing. The Freemakers narrowly avoid knocking over Cooper's speeder bike due to Zander acting as a buffer. Luke and Leia ask Zander if he can repair their ship just as it falls apart. Kordi adds that the repairs will be expensive and sets Zander to work. Zander then asks Rowan to check if they still have an ion stabilizer aboard the StarScavenger. Luke follows Rowan aboard the StarScavenger, knowing how heavy those stabilizers can be.

Aboard the StarScavenger, the B1-series battle droid Roger is sipping on a mug of hot oil. Upon seeing Rowan and Luke, he resumes working dusting. Rowan tells him to relax because they are only looking for an ion stabilizer. When Rowan asks Luke how his ship got smashed up, Luke claims they were caught in a gravity well but Rowan realizes he is lying. Before Luke can try to concoct a story, they receive a hologram message from the Imperial officer Estoc, who announces that the Empire is hunting for the rebel leaders Luke and Leia. Roger recognizes Luke's face but can't pin it down.

Upon hearing Estoc's hologram message, Kordi tries to drive Leia out of the Freemaker Garage because they don't want trouble. However, Leia manages to convince Kordi and Zander not to turn them in when she offers to pay them five times the cost of their repairs. Leia tells them that she is their only hope. The Freemakers hide Leia just in time before Estoc and several stormtroopers enter their Garage. The Freemakers claim they have not seen the rebels but allow them to look around.

Separate adventures[]

Luke, Roger, and Rowan on Felucia

Meanwhile, Roger looks through his hologram memories and realizes that Luke is related to the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. In fright, he drops his hot mug over the cockpit controls. Meanwhile, in the Scavenger's cargo bay, Luke tells Rowan not to tell his secret. Roger, who is trying to fiddle with the controls, accidentally locks them in. While trying to manage the controls, he accidentally releases the crane holding the StarScavenger, causing it to fall out of the hangar and into space. The Scavenger narrowly avoids crushing the stormtroopers. When Estoc asks Kordi and Zander where that ship is going, Kordi says she has no idea.

Roger manages to put out the fire with a foam extinguisher but accidentally sends the StarScavenger into hyperspace. Back at the Garage, Kordi claims the Scavenger is going on a salvage mission. She then asks for Zander's help in pushing out a trash box, containing Leia. However, Estoc and her men follow them and Estoc points out that they have missed the trash incinerator. Kordi denies hiding rebels in their garbage box and dump its contents including Leia into the incinerator. Satisfied, Estoc and her stormtroopers leave. Kordi and Zander then take a lift down the incinerator and narrowly saved Leia from being burnt; leading Leia to remark about her previous escape from a garbage chute aboard the Death Star. However, they are spotted by stormtroopers.

Meanwhile, Luke uses the Force to open the doors. Once in the bridge, he takes over from Roger and uses the Force to control the hyperdrive lever. The StarScavenger crashlands on the planet Felucia's surface. Unable to avoid a crash, Luke uses his lightsaber to cut a hole through the roof of the ship. They managed to land on several leaves. Luke's masterful landings and the revelation that he is a Jedi is enough to make Rowan ecstatic for questions. Roger, however, is disgruntled that Luke did not save him because he was a droid. Shortly later, he is consumed and spat out by a giant fly trap; with Roger commenting that Jedi and carnivorous plants are both on his hate list.

Back on the Wheel, Leia, Kordi and Zander are on the run from the stormtroopers. Zander tells Leia and Kordi to keep running and that he will catch up. He then leaps onto a probe droid and uses it to fling canisters at the stormtroopers; knocking them out. Meanwhile, the girls flee into a lift. Unable to return to the Middle Ring, they travel to the Upper Ring with the help of Leia's House of Alderaan card. Leia confirms to Kordi that she is a prominent member of the Rebel Alliance. Kordi tries to match herself to Leia by telling her that she once gave a guy half of a sandwich she did not want.

Times of testing[]

Darth Vader and Darth Sidious give Naare a performance review

Upon reaching the Upper Ring, Kordi helps herself to tray of appetizers being served by a silver protocol droid. Leia then spots a squad of stormtroopers with Furlac in the background. She then leads Kordi into the entrance of a luxurious penthouse that belongs to Mr. Cooper. While Kordi uses a potted plant to disguise herself, Cooper chats with Leia and tells her that he is pleased to meet a human worker for a change as opposed to a droid. The two pass themselves off as cleaning crew.

Meanwhile, Naare lands the Eclipse Fighter at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant where she rendezvouses with Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. In Palpatine's office, he gives Naare a performance review into her efforts to find the Kyber Saber crystals in the form of a pop quiz. After a string of questions, he puts down none.

On Felucia, Luke uses the Force to move a bulkhead and tells Rowan that size matters not. He then uses the Force to repair the StarScavenger. Rowan also notices a unique type of flower blooming every time the Force comes within range of the buds. Luke admits not seeing that before. Shortly later, they encounter Roger who is spat out by an acklay. Rowan jokes that the good news is that everyone on this planet thinks that Roger tastes terrible; meaning that he won't be eaten. Roger then informs them the bad news that the acklay has taken their hyperdrive motivator. Without the motivator, they will be stranded.

Back at the Wheel, Cooper gives Leia and Kordi a spot check after scrubbing his floors. Kordi expresses frustration with Cooper's arrogance but Leia tells her to restrain himself. However, Cooper then makes a joke about how many Alderaanians does it take to change a light bulb, which angers Leia since it reminds her of the destruction of Alderaan. Enraged, Leia throws him against the automated doors which shatter on impact. Shortly later, two cleaning droids arrive and Kordi and Leia take the chance to escape. Cooper alerts the stormtroopers who give chase. Kordi helps herself to another tray of dainties before fleeing down the lift with Leia. When Kordi asks Leia about restraint, Leia replies that she could have tossed him out the airlock.

Meanwhile, night has fallen on Felucia. The rebels attempt to recover the hyperdrive motivator from a deep pit where the acklay is residing. However, their presence startles the acklay and Rowan falls into the pit. He manages to avoid the creatures' claws. With Roger panicking, Luke uses the Force to levitate several rocks and hurls it at the acklay. He then uses the Force to levitate Rowan out of the cave. They then flee the acklay.

Solving problems[]

Kordi, Zander, and Leia had to evade Estoc and her stormtroopers

Back at the Wheel, Kordi and Leia hide in a diner after being pursued by stormtroopers on both sides. Estoc and her stormtroopers search the diner for the rebels. The stormtroopers find Kordi hiding inside an empty pot and bring her to Estoc. Unable to find Leia, the stormtroopers are about to send Kordi to a dreary prison planet when Leia materializes from hiding inside the hair of an alien customer. She uses plates to knock out the stormtroopers and kicks Estoc out of the diner. Estoc is sucked away by a garbage truck. Shortly later, Zander turns up on Cooper's speeder bike. Two stormtroopers tries to apprehend him but end up shooting each other. The Freemakers and Leia then escape on the speeder bike; which Kordi says Cooper owes them for cleaning his floors.

On Felucia, Roger reminds them that they need to get off this planet before he is swallowed by a giant fly trap plant and then spat out. Rowan asks Luke if they could use a Jedi mind trick to convince the monster to give them the hyperdrive motivator. Luke explains that the Force does not work that way and that the Force works with the natural order. Inspired by Luke's words, Rowan convinces Luke to use the Force to lure the acklay from the pit. This allows Roger to obtain the hyperdrive motivator. The battle droid is soon swallowed for the third time by a fly trap and this only tests his patience.

Back at the Wheel, the Freemakers and Leia travel on Cooper's speeder bike. When Kordi asks Leia why she saved them, Leia replies that this galaxy will never be better unless people are willing to sacrifice for one another. This gives Kordi an idea: she sends out Luke and Leia's Y-wing as a decoy. As expected, the Y-wing is destroyed by two TIE fighters. Kordi and Zander watch as Estoc and her stormtroopers enter the Freemaker Garage. The two siblings try to convince her that Leia forced them to help her at gunpoint. Estoc does not believe them but leaves them alone because she believes that Luke and Leia's deaths are a major boost for the Empire and her own career. Estoc takes the stormtroopers out to celebrate.

Leia then turns up from hiding and Kordi thanks her for teaching her the value of sacrifice. Roger, Rowan and Luke then return with the StarScavenger. Luke exits the ship while regaling Rowan and Roger with stories about his work with Wedge Antilles. When Rowan asks if he missed anything, Kordi tells her younger brother that she helped a hero of the rebellion to avoid capture so that she could continue her fight to restore freedom to the galaxy. Zander adds that he rode Wick Cooper's bike. Leia then reminds them that she and Luke need to go. Without a proper ship, they take one of Zander's Z-wings to leave. When Leia offers to pay five times the price, Kordi sells them the ship at a discounted rate because she believes that the rebels are a force for good. Luke and Leia depart on friendly terms with the Freemakers.

A revelation[]

Sometime later, Naare returns as well frustrated with her quiz. Rowan then presents her with a flower that immediately wilts. When Naare tries to explain it away that it's his thoughts that count and offers to give him more training, the boy becomes suspicious about his mentor's true identity.


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Notes and references[]

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