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The Crucible was a Paladin-class corvette[1] operated by the Jedi Order. The ship, which had been in service from the time of the Old Republic through the Clone Wars, was used to ferry Jedi younglings from Coruscant to Ilum. Once on Ilum, the younglings would undergo a ritual called The Gathering, in which they would find the kyber crystals for their first lightsabers. After retrieving the crystal, the students would learn from Huyang, an ancient droid who would assist in the creation of their lightsabers.

With the exception of the unique kyber crystals that formed the heart of the weapon, the Crucible had many drawer storage compartments forming a narrow space in between, in which Professor Huyang kept all the parts necessary to construct a complete lightsaber (sometimes losing track of the occasional piece). By opening some the lower drawers, Huyang could use them as a makeshift ladder to reach the higher compartments as needed.

Once he helped the younglings determine the styling of their individual lightsabers, the professor would find appropriate hilt casings and any other stylized parts, then provide the inner workings for assembly.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The design of the ship was based on the ancient Corellian ships from the Legends video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[4] According to concept artists David Le Merrer and Russell Chong, the Crucible was known as the New Horizon during the design phase.[5][6] The ship would have been the main ship that the younglings would use in a proposed The Clone Wars spin-off, which was thought of by George Lucas just before the selling of Lucasfilm Ltd. to The Walt Disney Company.[7]



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