"Where I come from, anyone with the gall to lead an army dies a legend."
―Hazram Namir, on Cruvical[src]

Crucival was a backwater world in the galaxy's Tion Hegemony and the homeworld of Hazram Namir. Imperial defector Governor Everi Chalis considered settling there to avoid being found by the Galactic Empire. The planet was almost constantly wracked by war between various factions including the Malkhanis and their successors, the Opaline Creed.


Crucival was a terrestrial planet located in the Tion Hegemony, in the Outer Rim Territories. It was covered vastly in yellow grass and mountains. Crucival's residents had no contact with the rest of the galaxy during the Imperial Era. Only the Galactic Empire's forces had that luxury. Because of this, offworld goods, like blasters were rare and valuable. It was also extremely rare to find any sentient species other than humans on Crucival.[2]

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