"Where I come from, anyone with the gall to lead an army dies a legend."
―Hazram Namir, on Cruvical[2]

Crucival was a backwater planet in the Outer Rim and the homeworld of Hazram Namir. Imperial defector Governor Everi Chalis considered settling there to avoid being found by the Galactic Empire. The world was almost constantly wracked by war between various factions, including the Malkhanis and their successors, the Opaline Creed.


"I promise you, we have no designs on Crucival."
"Not a lot here worth taking."
―Gadren and Namir[2]

Crucival was a terrestrial backwater planet located in the Tion Hegemony,[2] in the Outer Rim Territories, situated at the coordinates S-6 on the Standard Galactic Grid.[1] It was covered vastly in yellow grass and mountains. It was rare to find any sentient species other than humans on Crucival.[2]


Wars break out[]

"It happened in my war, too. Even after our enemies won, they still turned on one another."
―Namir's father, to his son, on the aftermath of the Clone Wars[2]

After the Clone Wars,[2] a galactic war between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems[3] which ended in 19 BBY,[4] the victors of the war on Crucival turned on each other. During that time, the residents had little to no contact with the rest of the galaxy, aside from assets of the Galactic Empire, the Republic's successor, which holed up at a transmitter tower. Off-world goods such as blasters were subsequently rare and valuable.[2] In 6 BBY,[5] the Malkhanis, a clan led by Warlord Malkhan, became prominent on Crucival, staking their claim to the world in a series of insurrections. The success of the clan coaxed the young man Hazram Namir into joining, leaving behind his home and his father and going by the name Donin.[2]

After an enemy faction captured a quarry from the Malkhanis, members of the clan, Namir included, gathered at a hilltop to face their adversaries. While the force awaited a battle, Namir was alerted by one of the Empire's TIE fighters. An older soldier warned him about messing with the Empire and spoke with him and advised him to take it one fight at a time. The Malkhanis' enemies eventually arrived and the two sides open fired on each other.[2]

Wars continue[]

"No trouble. Mostly kind of boring."
"Boring can be good. I know you're itching for a shooting war, but —boring is good. A break can be good."
"I'm not— When the shooting does start? Someone's getting stabbed in the back."
―Namir and Pira Ten[2]

Malkhan eventually died, and his lieutenants each claims the warlord's cache of off-world weapons, resulting in a civil war which ended the Malkhanis. While many clansmen were forced to live out on the streets, their brands marking them as outcasts, Namir found and became a member of the Opaline Creed, a religious cult based at a cloister outside the city of Templemarch, being given the name Umu Seven.[2] In 4 BBY,[6] four-hundred days into a period known as the Tripartite Culture Effrontery, Namir ran errands for the Creed at a bazaar before making his way back towards Templemarch.[2]

On his way back to Templemarch, Namir encountered his father, but tried to keep walking without him. Namir's father attempted to have a conversation with his son and invited the boy back home. Namir, though, refused, making his loyalty to the Creed clear. His father leaving him, he continued to Templemarch and the Creed cloister, where he reunited with fellow Creed member Pira Ten. The pair spoke about an alien Namir had made up and lack of conflict among the Creed, which Namir found boring.[2]

War comes from above[]

"Could you teach them? Could you make them into soldiers you would fight beside?"
"I wouldn't have much choice. If they were my comrades…I'd do what I had to in order to make them ready."
"Then, perhaps we have a place for you after all."
―Gadren accepts Namir into the 61st[2]

The Creed eventually fell, along with its cloister, and other factions came to stake claim to Crucival. Namir served a number of them, including one led by the Lady of Coins, a leader of acolytes.[2] In 0 BBY,[7] the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry targeted Crucival's Imperial transmitter tower. In anticipation of a rebel attack, the Imperials there invited Crucival's residents to fight for them, offering offworld blasters as payment. Namir accepted the invite, along with and a band of warriors he had recruited who were ready to stop moving between wars, including Pira. The Battle of the Tower soon broke out, and nearly all of Namir's band died in the first wave. The Imperial forces quickly hid behind a large deflector shield around the tower, leaving their civilian recruits to face the rebel forces alone, with the exception of TIE fighters and probe droids.[2]

On the fourth day of the battle, the 61st and its CR90 corvette Thunderstrike were yet to break the shield. While other Crucival residents remained fighting, Namir chose to abandon his position, injuring himself when trying to avoid a probe droid. The soldier found a fatally Pira thereafter, and the pair spoke until the latter died of her injuries. After Namir escaped the battlefield and watched the fighting continue from the ruins of the Creed cloister. The transmitter tower fell the next day, and the 61st began recruiting Crucival residents a week later. Namir, having spent near a week scavenging in the cloister went and enlisted, speaking with the Besalisk rebel trooper Gadren about war, other planets and Namir's experience with wars. Namir subsequently joined the 61st and left Crucival with the rebel company.[2]


"The Creed's in Templemarch, yes? I'll make sure you're not bothered on the way."
―Namir's father, to his son[2]

On the Crucival, the Empire operated out of a transmitter tower until it's fall at the Battle of the Tower. Meanwhile, the Malkhanis controlled their own territories for some time, which included a camp and a quarry that was at one point captured by enemies. Crucival also included the city Templemarch, where the Opaline Creed operated from a cloister just outside that was reduced to ruins after the Creed's fall. There was also at least one bazaar that was a walking distance Templemarch, as well as the Gulches.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Crucival first appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[2]



Notes and references[]

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