Crutag was a Taloron Hunter, both fierce and determined. He was known to boast that he never failed to capture his bounty targets. He considered Boba Fett to be vastly overrated. Working together with fellow Bounty hunters Slizzik and Slimego, Crutag once pursued a band of Rebel agents who had a bounty on their heads. Crutag attacked their ship while it approached Trinta, causing it to crash land on the swamp planet. Halagad Ventor, however, used the Force to prevent both Crutag and the rebels from leaving the planet.


After the resolution of the Taloron Pirate Confllict, Crutag,[1] a Taloron Hunter[2] and a veteran of the Taloron Pirate Conflict joined the Ragnar Syndicate,[1] a member house of the Bounty Hunters' Guild,[3] basing his operations in the Merel sector. When fellow Ragnar hunter Noval Garaint framed Crutag for a crime Garaint had himself committed, the Taloron left Ragnar to hunt solo.[1]

Crutag cultivated a reputation as a formidable hunter, boasting that he had never failed to apprehend a target. In reality, he was only adequate for the job, but his reputation was one of single-minded determination and violent cruelty. He gathered a cadre of assistant hunters and acquired the Taloron Prey Chaser the Scent of Fear.[2] Crutag's crew was diverse, and at one point included a Taloron lieutenant, but this individual died on a hunt.[4] Although he publicly professed loyalty to only himself, Crutag believed that the Galactic Empire was the rightful government of the galaxy.[1]

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Crutag learned of a bounty on a group of Rebel Alliance operatives: 10,000 credits dead, 20,000 alive.[1] The Taloron encountered the Rebels at Kwenn Space Station and gave chase, but they escaped by stealing a ship.[5] Knowing that they would soon need to resupply, Crutag surmised that the Rebels would flee to the nearby planet Trinta and traveled there with a crew of 20 minions in his ship, the Scent of Fear, to ambush the group.[5] In the world's orbit, Crutag attempted to disable the Rebels' ship, but he broke off pursuit when they entered the atmosphere and reached the level of the world's forests.[5] As the Rebels crash landed, Crutag and his crew landed safely.[5] Once on Trinta's marshy surface, Crutag sent his minions to search for the Alliance operatives. However, they encountered strange apparitions—unbeknownst to them, Force illusions created by the fallen Jedi Halagad Ventor. From these frightful encounters, Crutag lost several of his underling.[5] When the Scent of Fear apparently disappeared—hidden by Ventor's use of the Force—Crutag set off with eight assistants to find the Rebels himself.[5]

Crutag did not realize that he had come to the attention of Ventor, who wanted to seduce and corrupt the Taloron so that Ventor could use the hunter's power and vitality for his own ends. Accordingly, Ventor arranged for Crutag to finally encounter the Rebels in what he hoped would be a fight that would lead to Crutag's triumph and another step toward his corruption to the dark side.[5] Crutag finally caught up to the Rebels on one of Trinta's islands. He blamed his quarry for killing his crew and for stealing his ship, but he was puzzled about why the Rebels had not used the Scent of Fear to escape the world.[5] Nevertheless, the Rebels managed to escape the Taloron Hunter.[5]



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