"For someone who talks so much, it's amazing how very little actually gets said."
General Airen Cracken[src]

Cryle Cavv was a Human male thief who served as a former member of Cracken's Crew. He was the owner of the R2-series astromech droid, R2-RC and the ship, G Cat, and was instrumental in the rescue of Rivoche Tarkin and the capture of the Super Star Destroyer Guardian.


Drommel: "You will answer my next question or I will have my men bring in laser cutters and remove a limb of their choosing. Do I make myself clear?"
Cavv: "Sure."
Drommel: "Very good. What are you doing here?"
Cavv: [silence]
Drommel: "Did you not hear me?"
Cavv: "I heard you. You told me to answer your next question and I believe it was 'do I make myself clear?' to which I responded in the affirmative."
Drommel: "That wasn't a question."
Cavv: "Well, I'm not quite sure about the actual punctuation that appeared in your mind, but the inquisitory inflection was definitely there. So I did, in fact, answer your next question. You should be more careful with your semantic accuracy."
Imperial Admiral Drommel attempts to interrogate Cryle Cavv[src]

Cavv once underwent an interrogation by Imperial Admiral Gaen Drommel, but was quick to undermine the Admiral's grammatical errors.[1]

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