The Crynyd was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer captured by the New Republic at the battle in the Milagro system.


Shortly after the main Imperial forces withdrew from the devastated world of Milagro, a damaged Imperial-class Star Destroyer leapt into the system seeking repairs. The Star Destroyer came under attack from the dreadnaught New Hope, which remained on-station as the New Republic's command ship in the area.

The New Republic's fighter attack was led by Han Solo, and Mon Mothma commanded the battle from the New Hope. Luke Skywalker's X-wing tactics forced the Imperial surrender, and this event was the final justification for Skywalker's promotion to General.

The Star Destroyer was originally commanded by the sadistic Captain Purdy M. Trico, who was killed by his weapons officer when the New Republic forces boarded and captured the ship. The ship was renamed Crynyd after Rebel hero Arvel Crynyd, who had lost his life when his fighter crashed into the Executor's bridge at the Battle of Endor.

After refitting, the Crynyd was assigned to Solo Fleet in the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. During the attempt to trap the Iron Fist in the Battle of Vahaba, the Crynyd and the Skyhook defended the Imperial interdictor Stellar Web. Right after Zsinj's escape from Vahaba, the Crynyd participated in the battle with Zsinj's backup force at the Battle of Selaggis. In the battle, the Crynyd assisted in the capture of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Red Gauntlet.

Its makeup of starfighter squadrons remained unspecified, though it was likely made up of TIE/IN interceptors even after its capture by the New Republic. Otherwise, it would have been clear to the forces of Stellar Web that the Skyhook and Crynyd were not Imperial craft.

After the New Republic alliance with the Hapes Consortium, the Crynyd and numerous other Star Destroyers were destroyed while fighting High Admiral Treuten Teradoc's forces in a campaign after Zsinj's death.

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In the Dark Forces: Jedi Knight (audio drama), the ship is stated to be a Victory-class Star Destroyer.



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