«Got word House Thul is smuggling in CryoBan weapons. Very illegal. Freeze you in three seconds flat.»
―Aza Gundo describes the CryoBan problem on Alderaan.[src]

CryoBan cells were cells made using CryoBan technology. A number of CryoBan cells were smuggled onto the planet Alderaan by a smuggling ring during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. On Alderaan the cells were illegal, but were used by troops loyal to the House of Thul, one of the Great Houses of Alderaan, during the Alderaan Civil War. House Thul used the cells in it's fight against he rival House of Organa, who had Republic backing. A private in the Republic Army named Aza Gundo, however became aware of the smuggling ring bringing in the CryoBan goods due to criminal connections he had and the ring was shut down. The Thul troops already had large amounts of CryoBan cells and CryoBan rifles to hand though which had been previously delivered, and continued to use them.

Several days after the ring was shut down, Aza Gundo asked a Republic aligned individual to find and destroy the remaining CryoBan rifles. The individual traveled to the Organa Vinerium where they successfully destroyed the weapons carried by Thul troops, but also took it upon themselves to claim thirty CryoBan cells from Thul storage lockers where they were being kept. The individual then used these cells to sabotage dropships used by the House of Thul, which they did by throwing the cells into the engine of the ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

CryoBan cells first appeared in 2011 in Star Wars: The Old Republic an MMOPRG released by BioWare. They appeared in the Republic bonus mission "Revenge Served Cold" which was part of the "Frozen Assets" quest.


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