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A kyber crystal resided at the heart of every lightsaber

A crystal was a type of solid structure with special properties. In a crystal, the constituent atoms, molecules, or ions featured a special repeating pattern in all dimensions of space.

The Jedi[1] and the Sith used kyber crystals in every lightsaber.[2]

Nova crystals were a type of crystal.[3] Some planets, such as Christophsis,[4] and NaJedha[5] were crystalline in nature.

The Galactic Empire conducted strip mining on Lothal for ore and crystals.[6]

The surface of the planet Galzez was covered in orange crystals.[7]

The caverns of the planet Quarzite was filled with purple crystals.[8]

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Purple "time crystals" feature as a in-game currency in the non-canon video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.


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