"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

"Crystal Crisis" is an unfinished episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode was released on StarWars.com as a story reel on September 25, 2014, as part of The Clone Wars Legacy. Despite being incomplete, as the series was cancelled before the episode could be finished, it is considered official Star Wars canon.[2]

Official description[]

Obi-Wan and Anakin must escape from Utapau with a kyber crystal before General Grievous and his droid army track them down.

Plot summary[]

Stranded on Utapau! Scouring the sinkhole
planet, attempting to stop a dangerous
arms deal between Sugi raiders and General
Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan
Kenobi learn that the weapon for sale is
a massive kyber crystal, a powerful source
of energy which, if in the wrong hands,
could be harnessed into a weapon of
unspeakable horror.

In an attempt to stop the Separatists from
purchasing the crystal, the two Jedi outsmart
and overwhelm their opponents. With the much-
sought after jewel now in their possession,
our heroes attempt to escape Utapau....

The two Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker power up the Sugi arms dealer Endente's massive ship. However, three of the four engines had been sabotaged by the fleeing Sugi. Kenobi fears that the Sugi will return in greater numbers and the two Jedi realize that they have to find a way to move the kyber crystal out of the ship quickly. Traveling out of the ship, the two Jedi spot a herd of quadrupeds. Kenobi suggests that his former Padawan Skywalker use his Force powers to convince the beasts to help the Jedi to pull the massive crystal.

Skywalker tries to contact the quadrupeds but they ignore him. However, the Jedi sees a jamel and manages to convince it to assist them. While exploring a nearby encampment, Kenobi encounters an Amani but uses a mind trick to convince him that he did not see the Jedi. When Kenobi sees Skywalker with the jamel, he is not pleased with his former Padawan's efforts. Skywalker retorts that Kenobi should try befriending the animals next time while Kenobi jokes about bringing the Jedi Master Mace Windu with them.

Meanwhile, Endente and the other Sugi regroup at an arsenal depot and prepare for a counter-attack against the Jedi. Count Dooku informs Endente that General Grievous will be coming to meet them on the plains of Utapau. Fearful of reporting his failure to the Sith, Endente tells Dooku to send Grievous to meet them at Pau City instead because the Amani can no longer be relied upon to guard the crystal. Endente tells Grievous that they have a friend in the Utapau government. Having finished conferring with Dooku, Endente and his forces depart on speeder bikes to reclaim the crystal.

Back at Endente's starship, the two Jedi return with the jamel to transport the kyber crystal, which is suspended from the ceiling. Kenobi suggested cutting the ropes holding the crystal while simultaneously using the Force to lower it onto a repulsorlift cart. Kenobi doubled the output of the cart to support the crystal's weight. Having accomplished this task, the two Jedi use the jamel to draw the cart. While Kenobi is pessimistic about their chances of reaching Pau City, Anakin tells him to relax. This prompts the older Jedi to complain that they are traveling at a snail's space. Shortly later, the two Jedi are pursued by several Sugi riders on speeder bikes. Anakin uses his Force powers and lightsaber to fight the attackers and to hijack one of their speeder bikes. He uses that speeder bike to shoot down the other Sugi speeders. Meanwhile, Kenobi continues guiding the jamel and the crystal cart.

Meanwhile at Pau City, three Neimoidian shuttles land carrying General Grievous and several B1-series battle droids and IG-100 MagnaGuards. Grievous is met by Governor Torul Blom. The cyborg general is incensed with Endente's change of plans and dispatched two MagnaGuards on STAP speeders to find Endente.

Back on the plains, Anakin's jamel has lost interest. Kenobi and Skywalker argue about burying the fallen Sugi warriors, whom Anakin disdains as his enemies. The two Jedi used the speeder bike captured by Anakin to transport the kyber crystal cart. As they continue their journey, they are attacked by a second wave of Sugi warriors. Kenobi stands on the cart while Anakin rides the speeder bike. The Sugi speeders open fire on the crystal, causing it to deflect their blasts back at them. However, they are still pursued by two speeders led by Endente himself. Endente's pursuit is interrupted by a hologram message from Governor Blom who informs him that Grievous wants to meet him in Pau City.

Endente orders his men not to fire on the kyber crystal and to follow the Jedi into Pau City. As the Jedi travel to the port city, Kenobi stands on the cart and uses his lightsaber to deflect fire back at the Sugi pursuers, knocking down one speeder and its two Sugi riders into a deep sinkhole. General Grievous' MagnaGuards then close in on the two Jedi.

Meanwhile, Endente heads to the Governor's office where he is confronted by Grievous. Grievous demands to know the location of the kyber crystal. Attempting to cover up his failure, Endente claims that there were problems with the Amani security but that crystal is being delivered to Pau City. However, Grievous is already aware that the Jedi have stolen the crystal and beheads the Sugi merchant for his incompetence. Vowing to handle the Jedi himself, Grievous departs with two more MagnaGuards.

Kenobi and Skywalker transport the kyber crystal through the streets of Pau City while being pursued by MagnaGuards. Kenobi fights one of the droids while Anakin struggles to control his speeder bike. One of the MagnaGuards attempts to sneak under the cart but is crushed against a column. Grievous and his reinforcements then catch up with the two Jedi. However, they are unsettled by several varactyl lizards which cause their vehicles to crash. The two Jedi reach the city's spaceport just as their repulsorlift cart breaks down. The Jedi are quickly greeted by Governor Blom who reveals that he is in cahoots with the Separatists.

The two Jedi are quickly surrounded by Governor Blom's Pau'an warriors and battle droids. Grievous orders his droids to load the crystal onto his shuttle; which they do by attaching pods to lift the massive object. Governor Blom then orders his troops to execute Kenobi and Skywalker but the Jedi use their Force powers to defeat the battle droids and to take the Governor and one of his aides hostage. Meanwhile, the General's shuttle takes off with the crystal into space. The Jedi give chase in another starship. Grievous arrives and the Governor apologizes for his failure to kill the Jedi. However, Grievous impales him with one of his lightsabers.



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