Crystal Reef was a Mon Calamari city on Dac.


Constructed in late 4 ABY, Crystal Reef was designed as a resort city for the fabulously wealthy of the galaxy. Plying the oceans of Dac's northern polar region, the city's viewing decks provided its passengers with views of impressive icebergs and icecaps as release from the resort's extensive gambling offerings. It was run by the Crystal Reef Amusement and Tourism Council.

In 24 ABY, Black Sun gangster Czethros established a base of operations in Crystal Reef with plans to use the resort as a sales point for his spice to its wealthy clientele. His efforts were disrupted by a group of Jedi Knights, including Anja Gallandro, who helped remove Czethros and his agents and destroy his cache of spice hidden in the nearby polar caps.



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