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Crystalline vertex was a highly valuable mineral that was mined on the planet Kir. After being mined, the vertex was refined and cut into crystals of standard shape and color for use as currency within the Corporate Sector Authority. Individuals entering the Corporate Sector were required to exchange their currency into either crystalline vertex or Authority Cash Vouchers at Authority Currency Exchanges.[1]

Many worlds besides the Corporate Sector also used crystalline vertex as currency. At the time of a string of robberies at the Jedi Temple, the Jedi Order was holding a large shipment of vertex in its treasury room.[3]

Before the Clone Wars, crystalline vertex was the currency used to fund Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's pet project that reached fruition in 24 BBY with passage of Senate legislation that created the All Planets Relief Fund—which, bypassing the standard quagmire of bureaucratic policy and procedure, provided immediate relief to imperiled worlds. The vertex treasury (contributed to by multiple Senate-member worlds) was safeguarded in its Bank of the Core vault on Coruscant. The All Planets treasury funded one central account, from which all critical-relief funding was transferred and dispersed to troubled worlds throughout the galaxy.[4]

The plural of crystalline vertex was crystalline vertices.[2]

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