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Cu'bikad was a Mandalorian indoor game that could be played by up to at least four players,[1] and involved stabbing short-handled blades into a checkered board.[2] Considered a somewhat rough game, there were some who believed that cu'bikad should not be played by non-Mandalorians.[3]

The Oyu'baat tapcaf in Keldabe, Mandalore's capital city, had at least one cu'bikad board for its patrons to play on. In the year 40 ABY, the Mandalorians Baltan Carid, Mirta Gev, Dinua Jeban, and Medrit Vasur played a game of cu'bikad together at the Oyu'baat.[1]

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Canon cu'bikad, as seen in Star Wars Rebels

The game of cu'bikad was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the Legacy of the Force novel Sacrifice, written by author Karen Traviss and published May 29, 2007. The table game was initially unnamed,[1] and remained so until Traviss' subsequent entry into the Legacy of the Force series, Revelation, published the following year on February 26, 2008.[3] Cu'bikad appeared again in Traviss' novel Order 66, the fourth installment of her Republic Commando novel series.[2]

Following the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by the The Walt Disney Company, cu'bikad was brought into the new official Star Wars canon during the fifth episode of the television series Star Wars Rebels' third season, entitled "Imperial Super Commandos." A holographic game of cu'bikad was played between two of the series' Mandalorian characters, Sabine Wren and Fenn Rau.[4] The official Databank hosted on provided additional insight into the game, beyond what was originally outlined by Traviss, and introduced the alternative dialectal spelling of "cubikahd" to canon.[5]


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