"Check this out - arc welder, hydrospanner, fusioncutter, spot sprayer, foam sealant, torque wrench, and power calibrator. My Tread's a mobile multitool."
―Cubber Daine[src]

Cubber Daine was one of the mechanics assigned to Wraith Squadron shortly after their formation as a temporary squadron. Cubber worked with Kell Tainer to get and keep the squadron's X-wings, TIE fighters, and their CR90 corvette in running order.


"I was a year on Hoth, passing by that slab of rust and bad wiring everyday. I never got to service her- Solo and his Wookiee friend hated for anyone but them to work on her. You can always recognize her by the specific pattern of corrosion."
―Cubber Daine, referring to the Millennium Falcon[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, Cubber Daine served for a year on Hoth. As a mechanic, he relied especially on a treadwell droid to assist him in his repairs, as he found the many appendages and arms of this type of droid highly useful. He would show his treadwell to others, informing them about its usefulness. He was known for doing favors, such as modifying R2 units, in return for pilot training. He also hated factory-new X-wings, because they had a tendency to malfunction.

He did, however, have a tendency to lie about how much it would take to fix them, so that Wedge Antilles would think he was working harder than he was. He had a six-year old daughter, who he claimed could lie better than Kell Tainer.

He was the father of Zindra Daine, a fighter pilot during the Yuuzhan Vong War.



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