The Cucul was a carnivorous amphibian species from the planet Ossel II. With a body that resembled a fallen tree, it had a long, slimy green head, powerful jaws, a pair of flippers, and rough skin. Its favorite prey were the Ossans.

The Besadii Hutt crimelord Gardulla kept cucul in the swamps and pools of her luxurious if notorious pleasure garden, within her Tatooine palace near the Dune Sea. In 32 BBY, one of Gardulla's Dug mercenaries, Khiss, while in pursuit of escaped slaves, provoked one of the creatures as it moved about in a garden swamp. With its snapping jaws, the creature burst from the water and locked onto the seat of the Dug's pants. Struggling to free himself, the mercenary managed to stomp the monster's forehead, knocking it out and sending it careening back into the swamp water to lay motionless in the muddy silt.

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