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"I'm known as Cudgel, far and wide."

Cudgel was a Human male who worked as a translator and facilitator among the Wookiees of Kashyyyk during the final years of the Galactic Republic and into the era of the New Order.


"Last time I was here, there was a guy named Cudgel..."
Filli Bitters[src]

Many beings who first met Cudgel remarked that, despite the fact that he was Human, he was nearly as hairy as a Wookiee. When Olee Starstone traveled to Kashyyyk with Filli Bitters, it was Bitters who put her in touch with Cudgel. Cudgel's contacts included Tarfful and the leaders of Kachirho, who agreed to help the Jedi with their search. This effort was cut short when Imperial forces descended on Kashyyyk, subduing entire cities in an effort to capture Wookiee slaves to work on the construction of the first Death Star. The group might not have escaped the attacks, but Roan Shryne suddenly arrived on the planet and confronted Darth Vader himself. This allowed Starstone, the surviving Jedi, Cudgel, and Chewbacca to escape aboard the Drunk Dancer. However, after seeing Rwookrrorro in flames, Cudgel and Chewbacca both asked to join the crew of the Drunk Dancer, to ride out the trouble on Kashyyyk and plan an eventual return to the planet.



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