Cuipernam was a city located on the Sorr-ul-Paan Plateau on the planet of Ansion in the Mid Rim. To the north was the Kander Region. This old settlement was the unofficial capital of the planet, although it was neither the largest nor the most populous of cities. Songoquin Street and Jaaruls Street went through the city, and Lower Cuipernam was a district of it. The entrance to the city was the Govialty Gate.

Cuipernam was originally established as a center of commerce, designed to accommodate the native Alwari and their trading carts. As the city grew, more offworld businessbeings established their companies in Cuipernam, and thus credits flowed freely through the city. Ansion's only major spaceport was located near Cuipernam.

United Ouruvot Communications handled the city's communications.

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