The Cularin Classic was a swoop race, that was held on the planet Cularin.


The Cularin Classic was first held during the Clone Wars and was intended to be an annual event. To complete the race, competitors would have to complete four laps of the Cularin Repulsor Speedway, avoiding various obstacles that were placed around the track. In the first Cularin Classic, six teams participated: the Talons, Team SoroSuub, the Blood Raptors, a Dug team, a Gotal team and a "Duckonian" team. The "Duckonian"s were in fact a made up species that a group of Togorians under the command of Mebara Jos were posing as. They tried to disrupt the race, in an attempt to gain revenge against the people of the Cularin system, who had thwarted previous plots that Jos had initiated there. However, the Togorians were stopped by the heroes of Cularin.


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