"Ahh, the feared cult of Lord Nyax. Their hideout can be found on Corellia in the central region of the planet. Unfortunately, I have little information to give you about them other than the rumor that they are secretly backed by the Empire."
―Pashna Starkiller to a Rebel spacer[src]
Nyax Cultist

A Nyax cultist


The leader of the Cult, who referred to himself as Lord Nyax

The Cult of Lord Nyax, also known as Lord Nyax's Cult or as the Followers of Nyax, was a religion on Corellia that worshiped Lord Nyax and made several terrorist attacks in his name. While Lord Nyax was only a mythological character, the Cult nonetheless was led by a man who referred to himself as Lord Nyax. The Cult was an enemy to both the Corellian Security Force and the Beldonna's League. According to the Rebel Mon Calamari named Pashna Starkiller, they were rumored to be backed by the Galactic Empire. Indeed, the Cult hated the Jedi and thus, when Darth Vader came to Corellia to destroy the Jedi residing their, terrified citizens gave the name of Nyax to Vader himself. The Cult picked up on this, and believed Vader was in fact inhabited by the ghost of Nyax. This led the Followers of Nyax to treat Vader somewhat reverentially, and look to him as an inspiration to slaughter additional Jedi throughout the galaxy. Despite these notions, and the rumors of Imperial backing, the Cult of Nyax did not particularly identify with the Galactic Empire. During the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Cult of Lord Nyax operated out of a hideout in the Riverlands region of Corellia.



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