After the Jedi defeated the Loag, many Meris and Teltiors began worshipping them and their code. They formed the Cult of Those Who Redeem, and they are commonly called the Cult by Merisee residents. This organization took on quasi-mystic status on the planet.

Prospective members had to go through an exhaustive schedule of tests to join, and those within the organization had to swear to keep their affiliation secret.

Members of the Cult also swore to try to uphold the Jedi Code to the best of their ability. They also attempted to unlock the secrets of the Force, but this was less important than maintaining the purity of spirit and thought necessary to be a Jedi. Many of Merisee's most popular and influential personalities were members of the cult. They acted in a variety of ways to preserve peace, protect the weak and innocent, and improve the quality of life on their world. Some took direct action, acting as vigilantes, while others worked within their government or in the business community to support enlightened government policies or provide help and assistance to those who needed it.

The Cult had to remain secret during the Imperial era so as not to trigger a "cleansing" by the Empire. Since Emperor Palpatine realized that the greatest threat to his rule was the Jedi Knights, he could not allow a cult worshipping their ideals and spreading their myths to exist. Any Jedi who visited Merisee would attract the attention of the Cult.



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