Cunbus Locb was a Sullustan gambler, conman, and collector of art who piloted the Corellian XS-800 light freighter Distant Wind. He tricked Moff Ammar of Portmoak sector to get the Chandrilan flatsculp "Stars and Moons".


Cunbus Locb was a gambler, traveling through Parmel, Portmoak and Quence sectors onboard the Corellian XS-800 light freighter Distant Wind during the Galactic Civil War. As he was successful at sabacc, not always without cheating, he made several enemies wherever he went to, and at the same time and for the same reasons, he got a great deal of money.

Being an aficionado to art, Locb bought sculptures and holopaintings with his earnings. He also invested on his ship, buying a new laser cannon and improving the shields and the engines so that she could reach 1,000 km/h. Knowing that he sometimes had the need to lock up certain items, he also installed four secret niches in the ship's common room.

Locb also improved the Distant Wind's sensor array so it could patch into several credit-sized small devices he carried along with him. Locb would then strategically place the items in any gambling area he was at, and the sensor system would tell him about the cards other players were holding.

Circa 1 BBY, Locb discovered that Moff Ammar of Portmoak sector, a noted art collector, owned the Chandrilan flatsculp "Stars and Moons". Locb strongly desired the artwork and prepared two distinct schemes to obtain it. He would first try a convoluted con at the end of which Locb intended to win the piece at sabacc. In case this trick failed, Locb also forged a copy of the craft and hid it on one of the specifically-designed compartments of his ship.

Locb's first plan succeeded and, through cheating, he won "Stars and Moons" from Ammar during a high-stake hand of sabacc. Locb quickly hid the original piece in a different smuggling space of the Desert Wind.

Soon afterward, Ammar discovered that Locb had cheated and ordered his men to get the Sullustan. During the ensuing violence, Locb was killed by Ammar's forces. His ship was then impounded, but the artwork was not found.


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