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"This gear will help you fly into your friends' hearts, and your bow will pierce even the strongest armor with love!"
―Cupid clone trooper armor description[src]

A cupid clone trooper

Cupid clone troopers were specialized clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic.

They had a similar design to the Katarn-class commando armor with a pink visor, primarily white armor with pink patterns that slightly resemble stylized hearts, as well as wing-like ornaments jutting out of the backpack. It also came equipped with a Bow that was capable of piercing even the strongest armor. Evader and Zag wore customized versions of this uniform.

Behind the scenesEdit

The cupid clone trooper was a purchasable outfit in the online game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. As evidenced by the name and design, the name of the armor is a reference to Cupid, a mythological figure in Roman times as well as a popular figure for the holiday Valentine's Day.

Aside from its status as a purchasable uniform, it also made an appearance of sorts in-game with the characters Evader and Zag.


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