"Luke! Are you all right?"
(Cough.) Sure. (Pant.) Just a flesh wound. I'll be okay."
―Han Solo and Luke Skywalker[src]

Curato salva was an umbrella skill used by the Jedi Order to classify Force abilities related to self-healing. Designated as one in a family of Control abilities, curato techniques were taught to Jedi Initiates within the Jedi academy throughout the history of the Order.

A focus on self-healing, the curato family of Force techniques was developed by early Jedi Masters as a way to stay fit and maintain endurance, extend their lifespans by staving off decay, and to flush out any poisons or diseases within their bloodstreams. Viewed as a starting point for further study in the Force, the Council of First Knowledge designated the study of curato to be taught during the very first classes at Jedi academies. While the basics were expected to be mastered upon graduation from the academy, development of these skills would come over an entire life time, for a Jedi was never done learning.[1]




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