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Curran Caladian was a male Svivreni who worked in the Senate as an aide. His cousin was Tyro Caladian.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dexter Jettster, Curran Caladian, Oryon, and Keets Freely.

During the waning years of the Republic, Curran and his brother Tyro worked as Senatorial aides. After Emperor Palpatine reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire, Curran refused to serve this new corrupt organization and decided to disappear. During Order 66, he, along with Dexter Jettster, went underground and joined the Erased. They believed that they were safe from the Empire until they were warned by Ferus Olin, one of the Jedi survivors. The Jedi revealed to them that the Empire was planning a strike on the lower levels of Coruscant, which also could threaten their hideout. Deciding to visit Solace's hideout, Curran agreed to come, but Dex decided to remain behind due to his to his lack of mobility. After Dexter remained behind throughout the lower levels, Curran and Ferus were under the crust where they were guided by Solace.

While the Erased were ambushed and unsuccessful to defend themselves from Imperial stormtroopers, Curran was able to escape in an Imperial glider. With the help of Solace and Trever, who had returned without Ferus, they managed to escape while the Empire had captured several other members of the resistance. After Solace had told Curran about Ferus' capture, he, along with Keets Freely and Oryon to use their contacts to find the missing Jedi. Together they were able to find out that Ferus had been brought to an Imperial prison on the planet Dontamo. Together, along with help of Solace and Trever, they took a freighter and prepared for their travel to the planet. After pursuing a couple of Imperial fighters, they soon discovered that Ferus was able to break free from the prison and travel to the Naboo when he heard that the Imperial Inquisitor Malorum was searching for clues about Senator Amidala's death.

After the incident on Naboo, Curran and the others accompanied Ferus to Coruscant, where they learned that Palpatine had captured Roan Lands and Dona Telamark. Curran and Keets decided to stay on the planet and search for information while Ferus went on to rescue Roan and Dona. The two traveled to the Imperial Senate Building and broke into Senator Sano Sauro's office in order to find the information. They succeeded to escape with the help of Wa-7, Dex's old waitress droid.

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