"Then perhaps you might think about the point of today's lesson. It wasn't to exactly represent the motives of a discredited organisation in a case that happened years ago, but to demonstrate how that organisation's actions affected the galaxy in the absence of a strong central authority. Progress was impeded, and the welfare of galactic citizens suffered. Do you [Zare Leonis] disagree with either of these points?"
―"Mister" Tralls, revealing the true purpose of Current Events[src]

Current Events was a compulsory subject taught by Mister Tralls at the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences at Lothal's Capital City. Zare Leonis, a prospective Imperial Academy candidate, hated the class because it was used to promote Imperial projects on planets he had never heard of. Zare spent most of his time in Current Events browsing through his datapad and staring at an Imperial Academy recruitment poster and thinking about his sister Dhara Leonis. On one occasion, Zare had a disagreement with Mister Tralls after the teacher parroted an inaccurate account of the Trade Federation's crop engineering program on Chrona which painted the Empire in a positive light. Tralls chided his student and told him that the purpose of Current Events was to promote a favorable view of the Empire rather than to study history.


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