Curtains were pieces of cloth used to block the view of a stage from the crowd during a performance.[1]

Smaller curtains were also used in sentients' homes, to cover windows and stop people looking into their homes. During riots people often drew their curtains so as not to view the bloodshed.[2] The curtains were often drawn tight in hotels, so that the inside of the rooms—which were often grubby or unkempt—were not visible to potential customers.[3] The color of curtains varied, though deep blue curtains were in existence on the planet Belazura.[4] There was a certain type of curtains which were transparent during the day but opaque after dark.[5] On the planet Ambria, Caleb used a thin curtain to cover over his front door.[6]

Wookiees were one species known to utilize curtains, and they did so on their homeworld of Kashyyyk.[7] The inhabitants of Ord Cestus also used curtains.[8] Jabba the Hutt had curtains in his palace which he used to hide himself and his court to surprise Leia Organa and Han Solo.[9] Curtains were also used by the Yuuzhan Vong in their worldships, though these were presumably organic.[10]

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Curtains were first named in Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire, but have also appeared in numerous other Star Wars works.

The word "curtain" is commonly used by Star Wars authors in metaphors and similes, but these are probably not in-universe appearances of curtains.[2][11][12][13][14]


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