"Do it. We're getting Cut, Suu and the kids on that shuttle."
―Hunter, to Tech[4]

"Cut and Run"[5] is the second episode of the animated web-television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode premiered on May 7, 2021,[1] on Disney+.

Official description[]

The Bad Batch visit an old contact.

Plot summary[]

Landing on Saleucami[]

As the Marauder travels through hyperspace, Hunter exits the cockpit to find Echo watching over Wrecker and a sleeping Omega, who Echo says tired herself out from exploring the ship. He asks what they are going to do with a child. From the cockpit, Tech informs them that they are approaching the planet Saleucami. The Marauder descends into the planet's atmosphere, scattering a nexu that was hunting several nuna birds. The ship lands on the dusty terrain.


The Bad Batch arrive on Saleucami.

The Bad Batch descend down the gangplank followed by Omega, whose eyes are initially struck by the bright sunshine, which she experiences for the first time. Omega is initially hesitant but exits the ship, breathing in the planet's fresh air and sampling dirt with her fingers in amazement. After hearing thunder rumbling in the background, the clones walk through a forest of Towering Bith, and later through a field of plants with bulbous fruits. Omega admires the natural scenery and chases a carrier butterfly. Meanwhile, Echo asks Tech about his friend who is hiding on Saleucami. Hunter adds that staying off the radar is not their specialty, but that this friend has been doing it for years as a deserter. Echo asks if they trust a deserter, prompting Tech to respond that they are all deserters now.

Hunter suddenly motions for the clones to stop, pulling Omega back from stepping on a tripwire. The boisterous Wrecker is not intimidated and springs the trap, which causes several repurposed B1-series battle droids to appear. Before Wrecker can exchange fire, Hunter tells him to stand down. They are soon confronted by the Twi'lek Suu Lawquane and her clone husband Cut Lawquane. Suu and Cut recognize the clones and invite them into their home.

Guests of the Lawquanes[]


Cut and Suu welcome the clones.

At the Lawquane's Farm, Hunter introduces Echo and Omega to Cut and Suu, who welcome the guests. When Cut asks about Crosshair, Hunter replies that the situation is complicated. Cut says that it is similar to what Captain Rex told him about the clone troopers turning against the Jedi. When Echo asks about Rex, Cut informs them that their mutual clone friend had stopped by only a day before to warn him about the arriving Imperial presence, explaining that he told them about the inhibitor chips that caused the clone army to kill all of the Jedi. Omega explains that the Kaminoans implanted the chips in the clones to modify their behavior. Hunter is incredulous that Tech never mentioned the chips, and Tech remarks that he thought it was obvious.

Shortly later, Cut and Suu's children Shaeeah and Jek enter the hunt, saying there is a ship outside. Wrecker is delighted to see the two children and lifts up Shaeeah. The two children take an interest in Omega since they rarely see other children, and with Hunter's approval, Omega walks out with Shaeeah and Jek. Outside in the playground, Omega watches the children playing a ball game. Bemused, she asks Shaeeah what the purpose of the game is, and she replies that it is to have fun, passing the ball to her. Unfamiliar with the game, Omega dodges it, and Jek explains that she is supposed to catch it.

Inside the hut, Cut asks Hunter about Omega, and he explains that she is a defective clone like they are. Cut replies that the Kaminoans do not create without purpose, and he asks Omega's purpose, to which Hunter responds that it doesn't matter because she is a child. Cut remarks that battling droids is easy compared to raising a child and tells Hunter that he is unprepared to do so. Hunter says they'd had no choice because Kamino is no longer safe. Cut says that neither is Saleucami, explaining that clone troopers have started to arrive. Hunter tells Cut that he plans to travel to a nearby spaceport to book them offworld transport and invites Cut along. Cut declines, saying that Hunter is a wanted man and that it would be too risky, explaining that he has to do what is best for his children. Hunter watches with a smile as Omega plays ball with the Lawquane children.

The Imperial occupation[]

Later that day, Cut leads Hunter to the nearby town, ducking his head as they pass by a clone trooper patrol. Hunter thinks that the troops should be pulling their forces rather than securing a post since the Clone Wars are over, and as they enter the town, Cut replies that it doesn't feel that way. They watch a larger ship carrying a confiscated ship within a forcefield, and Cut explains that the Imperials started confiscating all ships a week ago, tagging them inside an impound lot. Cut leads Hunter to the stall up ahead and plans to book his family passage offworld so that they can start a new life on a distant planet. He advises Hunter that the best way to disappear is to put his life as a soldier behind.


The Imperial broadcast informs citizens of the new chain code policy.

Just then, they are greeted by Fauja, an Aleena merchant, and Cut asks to book passage offworld. The Aleena responds that he needs to have a chain code to travel offworld legally, per a new galactic policy, which surprises Cut. A holoprojector plays a broadcast with Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart announcing that all citizens can exchange their invalid currency for Imperial credits. He adds that the war is over, promising that peace will bring opportunity and prosperity for all. A frustrated Snivvian traveler, who had booked passage offworld, argues with a pair of clone troopers who say he cannot travel without a chain code. The Snivvian insists that he has to get on the ship but is rebuffed, with the trooper telling him to get a chain code and not make any trouble. Watching the confrontation, Hunter realizes that the Empire is not only registering ships, but people. Cut sighs and admits that getting off the planet is going to be harder than he thought.

Encounter with the nexu[]

While playing a ball game with the Lawquane children, Omega throws the ball past the fence. She wants to retrieve it, but Jek says that they should do it later. When Jek is distracted by Shaeeah, Omega takes the opportunity to sneak through the barbed wire. Shaeeah tells her brother that they need to start packing, and she asserts her authority when he protests. They suddenly realize that Omega is missing. Omega retrieves the ball, which has fallen outside the fenced field of bulb-like plants. Shaeeah calls out to her, warning Omega not to move, as a nexu converges on Omega from a nearby clearing.


Suu shoots the nexu with a slugthrower rifle.

Inside the hut, Tech informs the others that all public transport is now restricted without a chain code. Suu is worried that Cut can't sign up for one because the Imperial authorities will discover that he is a deserter. Cut says that the next shuttle leaves in a few hours and they need to leave, whether they have a code or not. Shaeeah enters and warns the adults that Omega had gone outside the perimeter, and the clones rush outside. Terrified as the snarling nexu converges upon her, Omega turns to run, but the creature leaps at her. Suu shoots at the creature from the roof with a slugthrower rifle, wounding it. Hunter swipes at the nexu with a knife, and Suu manages to drive the creature away with a second shot.

After returning to the farm, Hunter becomes angry with Omega, asking her what she was doing outside the fence and asserting that she could have been killed. Cut tells Hunter to go easy on her, reminding him that she is not a soldier. Cut bends down to speak to her, and Omega, somewhat traumatized, apologizes that she was trying to get the ball. Cut comforts her with a hug and reassures her that she is safe, carrying her inside. He reassures Wrecker that she is alright, and Tech points out that it could have been worse. Hunter asks if Tech could create false chain codes for the Lawquanes to travel, and Tech agrees to try. Hunter is determined to help the Lawquanes catch the next shuttle offworld. Later, a chastened Omega sits in the rear gunner's seat on the Marauder, watching the sunset, and she removes the amulet from her head sadly.

Meanwhile, Suu walks out of the house to find Hunter watching a forest of Towering Bith. Hunter praises her marksmanship and says that he owes her one. Suu explains that children will always find a way of getting into trouble, adding that a parent's role is to protect them. When Hunter asks where Omega is, Cut says that she wanted to stay on the ship. Hunter says that he has been reflecting on what Cut said and agrees that she is not a soldier, and Cut suggests giving her some time. Hunter tells them that he wants them to bring Omega with their family when they leave Saleucami, as he believes that they can provide her with something that they can't. When Suu asks if that's what he really wants, Hunter replies that it's what she needs.

A risky plan[]

Aboard the Marauder, Echo comments on the irony of clones wanting names rather than numbers, remarking that people are now signing up to be given numbers. Tech claims it is ingenious to create a database to identify anyone in the galaxy. Echo asks where they will find the data for the chain codes, and Tech explains that because the clone troopers control the spaceport, they can tap into their network and replicate the codes. Because the Imperials are tagging ships inside the compound, he believes that is their way inside. Echo confirms their plan to allow the Imperial authorities to impound their ship, admitting the risk involved. Omega listens from the gunner's seat.

On the ground, Hunter learns the plan via comlink and watches an impound ship dragging away the Marauder. Hunter disagrees with the idea of getting their ship impounded, but Tech assures him that he has the situation under control, planning to meet the rest of the clones at the spaceport with the chain codes. Hunter warns that Omega's presence on the ship may complicate their plans, to which Omega sheepishly replies that she thinks their plan is good.

The chain code heist[]

At the spaceport's impound lot, a clone trooper with a tablet directs two others to the Marauder, who clamp it down before running a signature test on it. While a clone trooper applies magnetic clamps, two others board the ship, and one of them notes that it looks like a modified Omicron-class attack shuttle. The troopers opine that the ship is a mess before leaving. Shortly later, Tech and Echo drop down in full armor from an overhead compartment. Tech carries Omega down, and she asks how she can help, but Echo thinks she has seen enough action. Tech sends him down to the security kiosk to copy the data and grab blank disks for him to program. Echo exits the Marauder, avoiding a clone trooper and an astromech droid. After a guard exits the security kiosk, Echo enters, seals the doors, and inserts his scomp link into the console. When Echo cannot find the disks, Tech tells him that they are in a safe in the corner of the kiosk. Echo finds the safe, obtains several disks and a programming device, and successfully sneaks out of the security kiosk.


Hunter waits in the spaceport queue with the Lawquanes.

Meanwhile, Hunter approaches the spaceport with the Lawquanes. He informs Tech via comlink that they have reached the spaceport, asking about his status, and Tech replies that he is making progress on creating the fake chain codes, believing encryption should not be a problem. As Hunter and the others pass through the spaceport security, Jek is frightened by the presence of armed soldiers, and Suu assures him they will be alright. Hunter tells Tech to hurry, fearing they may have to blast their way out, and Tech reassures him that he can slip through security undetected and deliver the disks momentarily.

Suddenly, Tech and Echo hear comm chatter from a column of clone troopers marching near their ship. Worried, Tech says they cannot get caught with the chain codes. Echo disagrees with the idea of starting a blaster fight, believing the Imperials will lock down the spaceport. He soon discovers that Omega and the disks are missing, and the two see Omega sneaking through the spaceport facilities with the disks. Echo begins to question Tech's plan. Meanwhile, Hunter and the Lawquanes join the queue, where a clone trooper reminds them to have their chain codes ready. Tech tells Hunter that Omega is going to pass them the chain codes, and he begins to worry for Omega's safety. As Suu responds that kids always find trouble, Wrecker runs off to find Omega.

Escape and firefight[]

Meanwhile, Echo attempts to disable the magnetic clamp but is spotted by a clone trooper. Echo tries to convince the trooper that he is a maintenance technician, but before the clone trooper can report him, Tech stuns him. As clone troopers converge on the impound lot, Omega bumps into a rust astromech droid who begins to sound an alarm, but Wrecker knocks out the droid with a punch, helping Omega up. After promising to help Tech and Echo, Wrecker sends Omega to meet the others. Wrecker is soon confronted by three clone troopers who demand his chain code. After making a show of pretending to search for it, he knocks them unconscious by banging their helmets against each other. He is spotted by reinforcements and a gun battle ensues. While clone troopers are sent to quell the disturbance, Cut begins to worry, but Hunter tells him to stick to the plan.

Soon, Omega arrives with the chain codes, and Shaeeah cheers. Omega notes that Tech made five chain codes instead of four. Cut is surprised that Hunter did not inform her of his plan, and as Cut and his family move up with the rest of the queue, Hunter speaks with Omega and tells her that the extra chain code is for her so that she can leave with Cut and Suu. Omega is shocked, asking if she did something wrong. Hunter tells her that she needs a family, saying that the Lawquanes are good people who will give her the life she deserves. Omega responds that she wants to stay with the Bad Batch, but Hunter insists that the decision is for her own good, a reply that devastates her.


Sadly, Omega prepares to leave Saleucami.

Arriving at the security kiosk, Cut passes his family's chain codes to a trooper, and Omega joins them. The guard puts the codes through a scanner while the family waits anxiously. Back at the Marauder, the other members of the Batch keep the clone troopers at bay while Echo works on deactivating the magnetic clamps. After a tense moment, the trooper manning the security kiosk approves the Lawquanes' codes and allows them to enter the spaceport. Inside, Omega looks back at Hunter sadly. Hunter is also contacted by Tech, who informs him that they have outlasted their welcome. Suu gently asks Omega if she is ready, and she looks up, unsure.

Inside the spaceport, Wrecker hurls a crate at several clone troopers. Hunter joins the fight, commandeering a rifle, and he shoots two more troopers before joining Wrecker and Tech behind a barricade. Echo tells Hunter that the magnetic clamp's system is not responding to his efforts. Wrecker runs to Echo and uses his brute strength to pull the clamp off. As the Bad Batch board the Marauder, Wrecker asks where Omega is, but before anyone can explain, they hear Omega telling them to wait for her. She runs towards them, but a clone trooper grabs her by the ankle and pins her down, but Hunter shoots the trooper.

As Cut boards the shuttle, a guard appears to recognize him, but before he can question him, the trooper is called to leave his post, as more reinforcements are needed at the impound dock where the Marauder is docked. Cut is relieved, and the trooper allows him to join his family aboard the shuttle, which then lifts off. Back at the impound dock, Omega runs up the gangplank while Hunter and Wrecker provide covering fire. After seeing the Lawquanes' shuttle leaving, they board the Marauder, taking off under a hail of fire. The ship leaves Saleucami and flies into space.

Finding a family[]

Inside the ship's cockpit, Wrecker uses a Gonk droid to practice with his biceps while Tech and Echo fly the ship. Elsewhere, Omega finds Hunter working on a computer. She apologizes that she made a mistake, but tells Hunter that he did not need to get rid of her. Omega reminds Hunter that she left Kamino with him and the others, insisting she wants to be with them. Hunter admits that he has a lot to learn, asserting that if this is where she wants to be, this is where she'll stay. Omega turns to sit on the opposite desk as she faces Hunter, whose face softens.


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