Lord Cuvir was a Human male who served as the Imperial Governor of the planet Firro, his homeworld, early in the Galactic Civil War.

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An overbearing and ruthless man, Lord Cuvir oversaw the Imperial takeover of Firro prior to the Battle of Yavin, apparently subjugating the planet himself before the Empire formally took control of it. The Imperial forces under Cuvir's command committed a number of terrible atrocities to the citizens of Firro. After the Empire solidified its control over the populace, Cuvir was named Firro's Imperial Governor.

While on a visit to one of the planet's crowded relief stations, Cuvir took notice of a medical droid designated 2-1B. Impressed with the droid's skill and determination, Cuvir took 2-1B as his own personal physician, leaving the people of his homeworld to less efficient care.

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Lord Cuvir paid visit to his personal mansion on the planet Wor Tandell with 2-1B to accompany him. There, Cuvir discovered one of his aides preparing a coded datapad full of Imperial fleet movements in the Tandell system and was about to arrest the man on suspicion of being a Rebel when a scuffle ensued between the two. The aide shot Cuvir with a blaster, killing him instantly. 2-1B, who had long considered his master the most evil being he had ever met, nevertheless tried to save Cuvir, remaining true to this programming, but there was nothing that could be done.

2-1B discovered that the "aide" was actually a Rebel agent named Tiree. Tiree convinced 2-1B to defect to the Rebel Alliance.

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