The Podracer pilot Cy Yunga flew a Podracer pulled by a pair of red, white, and yellow Hummel Carbine V-71 Ridge Piranha Podracer engines during the year 32 BBY. Yunga flew the pod while acting as the a track favorite for the Sunken City race course on the planet Aquilaris, and at one point piloted the craft during a Podrace on the planet Tatooine. Eventually, at least one of Yunga's identifiable engines made its way to a Tatooine junkyard owned by the junk dealer Watto.


V-71 Ridge Piranha

Yunga's Podracer utilized a pair of V-71 Ridge Piranha engines.

During the year 32 BBY,[3] the professional Podracer pilot Cy Yunga flew a flamboyantly painted Podracer characterized by the red, white, and yellow comet-esque designs painted on the broadsides of the two[2] Hummel Carbine V-71 Ridge Piranha race engines[1] that pulled the rocket-shaped cockpit.[2]

The repulsorcraft featured tight turning capabilities and sported a moderately slow working accelerator that would, in time, push the vehicle to a high top speed. The cockpit was a single-seater with a hull painted in red and yellow. The cockpit also featured a jagged fin immediately behind the seating area, and had two engine-shaped devices on the port and starboard sides. The cockpit was tathered to both engines by a pair of control cables, which in turn were tethered together by energy binders.[2]


Cy Yunga Podrace

Cy Yunga pilots his Podracer on Tatooine.

Cy Yunga utilized his V-71 pulled Podracer[2] during the year 32 BBY,[3] a year which saw Yunga sharing the title of track favorite of the Sunken City race course on the planet Aquilaris with "Bullseye" Navior.[2] At some point, Yunga flew the Podracer during a race on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine against a score of seasoned competitors including Wan Sandage, Mawhonic, the pro-league rookiee Ben Quadinaros, and the Ord Ibanna champion Bozzie Baranta.[4]

Eventually, one of Cy Yunga's easily identifiable engines ended up in a Tatooine junkyard owned by the Toydarian junk dealer Watto, who often dealt in Podracer parts and components.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cy Yunga and his Podracer was selectable for play only if the player entered the code RRCYYUN or RRTANGENTABACUS on the Nintendo 64 version of the 1999 video game Star Wars: Episode I Racer. Upon entry, Cy Yunga fully replaces "Bullsye" Navior. In the Sega Dreamcast and PC versions of the game, one of Yunga's V-71 engines,[2] identified as such only in the Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide,[1] appear only in Watto's junkyard.[2] The Podracer and its pilot also appears in the game's Prima strategy guide, which was written for the PC version of the game, despite Yunga not appearing in that version.[4]



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