"Our target is this Cyber Center. It's the 'brains' of the entire Separatist campaign here on Anaxes."
―Clone Commander CC-2224 "Cody"[src]

The Cyber Center was a structure on the planet Anaxes utilized by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Battle of Anaxes. The center was used during the course of the battle by Separatist Admiral Trench, to receive an algorithm from Skako Minor which he used to predict the Galactic Republic's tactics.


As the Clone Wars raged on throughout the galaxy, it eventually came to the planet Anaxes, home to a crucial Republic shipyard facility. To gain a tactical advantage in the battle, Separatist Admiral Trench utilized a stolen strategy algorithm obtained from ARC trooper CT-1409 "Echo", who was in Techno Union custody in their headquarters on Skako Minor after he was believed by the Republic to have perished during the Battle of Lola Sayu.[1] The algorithm would be sent to the Cyber Center on the planet's surface, which Trench could access at any time from his Separatist dreadnought.[2]

An OOM command battle droid outside the center.

Clone Captain Rex believed that the Separatists were combating his personal combat strategy, and, after he and Clone Commander Cody received approval from Jedi General Mace Windu, the two led Jesse, Kix, and clone commando squad Clone Force 99 on an operation to infiltrate the Cyber Center. Despite Commander Cody sustaining injuries and being taken back to the Republic base along with Kix, the remaining members pressed on towards the center, eventually coming to and taking a nearby Separatist outpost. Fleeing the outpost before Separatist reinforcements arrived, the team positioned themselves around the Cyber Center and infiltrated it just as the reinforcements arrived at the outpost. Within the center, Rex and Tech, a member of Clone Force 99, accessed a computer and discovered the source of Rex's algorithm, Skako Minor, as well as who was sending it: Echo.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Cyber Center first appeared in "The Bad Batch," an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that first premiered as an story reel[3] in 2015[4] before the finished episode debuted[1] on Disney+ in 2020.[5] The subtitles for the episode revealed the Cyber Center's capitalization.[1]



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