A cyber reaction system was a high-powered cybernetic implant used around the time of the Jedi Civil War. It was employed to supplement the nervous system of an organic being by causing the individual's neural impulses to travel greater distances at higher speeds.


A cyber reaction system was a powerful cybernetic implant used to enhance the nervous system of an organic being. The implant increased the speed of the user's neural impulses and the distance that the impulses traveled, which in turn improved the user's reaction time and aided his or her fine motor control. The user of a cyber reaction system required a large amount of training with implants before being able to handle the implant's effects. The implant was colored blue over most of its surface, with touches of white around the edges.[1]


Cyber reaction systems were in use during the years surrounding the Jedi Civil War.[1] In the year 3956 BBY,[2] the Human merchant Eli Gand had one of these implants for sale at the price of 7500 credits at his shop in the Czerka Landing Port on the planet Kashyyyk.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The cyber reaction system first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a 2003 video game produced by BioWare. In the game, its only appearance was as a purchasable item at the shop of the merchant Eli Gand at the Czerka Landing Port on Kashyyyk. It was a level-three implant in the game and gave the user a large bonus to his or her dexterity attribute.[1]



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