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"It's your tool, just as many other things in your world are your tools. A wheel instead of a leg; a mechno-lens instead of an eye. What does it matter? There is no shame in this. There is nothing inherently good or bad in it, unless you choose to use it as such. And it shall become a part of you. Every creature in this universe alters and evolves from minute to minute. We are not the same as we were only a day ago. We are ever changing, fated forever to exist in a state of decay and creation."
2-1B while fitting Luke Skywalker with a prosthetic hand[2]

Cybernetics were technological replacements or enhancements for organic body parts, including eyes, limbs, and, in extreme cases, the majority of an individual's body, including whole new organ systems.[3] A cyborg was an organic being who had portions of their body replaced by cybernetics,[4] and a cyberneticist was a professional who installed, maintained, or researched cybernetics.[5] Cybernetics could be covered in synthflesh[6] or synthskin.[7]


Darth Maul used three sets of cybernetic legs, to replace the appendages, after his duel with Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.[8]


The cybernetic warlord Grievous

General Grievous, the cyborg leader of the Separatist Droid Army, had most of his body replaced by cybernetics.[9]

Due to an accident during her Challenge of the Body, Breha Organa's heart and lungs were replaced with pulmonodes which emitted a golden glow from her chest.[10]


The Jedi Anakin Skywalker would be reborn as the cybernetic Sith Lord Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker had a cybernetic right forearm installed to replace the lost appendage after his duel with Count Dooku, and when he became Darth Vader, he was rebuilt with cybernetic parts by medical droids after having his limbs severed and nearly being burned to death.[11]

Clone Commander Wolffe had a cybernetic right eye installed, after losing it to Asajj Ventress, during a battle.[12]

The Junkers, a species from the planet Lotho Minor, regularly augmented their bodies with cybernetic enhancements.[13]

Savage Opress had a cybernetic left arm installed, to replace the appendage, after his duel with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[14]


Echo underwent cybernetic repairs after his injuries.

Advanced Recon Commando Echo had cybernetic legs, a right socket-arm, and neural and respiratory systems installed, after suffering a shuttle explosion, during a battle.[15]

The Fifth Brother had a cybernetic right hand installed and the Sixth Brother had a cybernetic left forearm installed, after Vader dismembered them, to teach his Jedi hunters a lesson in the pain of loss.[16]

The Ninth Sister had a cybernetic left eye, right leg, and right hand installed, after Vader took her eye out during training, her right leg to Sixth Brother,[16] and her right hand to Cal Kestis.[17]

Mokko had a cybernetic right arm claw, as well as head and back implants.[18]

Denetrius Vidian once thought of getting cybernetic implants that would give him near-total memory recall, but decided against it, afraid of possibly harming any brain chemistry that gave him his perceived genius.[7]

Greez Dritus had a cybernetic right upper arm installed, after losing it to the Fifth Brother.[19]


The cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance.

Beilert Valance received extensive cybernetics, which covered the majority of his body and internal organs, after the Mimban Campaign.[20]

According to Spectre Sabine Wren, "The Empire has been known to implant lower level technicians with cybernetic circuits, personally sacrificed for productivity."[21]

Saw Gerrera had a low-grade cybernetic right leg installed after losing it, and a pressurized suit.[22]

Florn was a pilot in the Galactic Empire, who had cybernetics installed, after a crash left him severely injured.[23]

Hutt Grakkus Jahibakti Tingi had cybernetic legs installed,[24] as did the Grakks.[25]

Luke Skywalker had a cybernetic right hand installed to replace the lost appendage after his duel with Darth Vader.[26]


Guswan Askreeth, a cybernetically altered being of unknown species

Sith assassin Ochi had cybernetic head implants installed, and a visor, after having his eyes burned by a Kyber crystal, during the Mission to Exegol.[27]

The Colony of Kezarat used salvaged droid parts for prosthetics, such as claws and grappling hooks as replacements for lost hands.[28]

Fennec Shand had cybernetic enhancements provided by "the Modifier"[29] implanted in her lower abdomen after she was shot by Toro Calican.[30]

"The Modifier" had a cybernetic right arm installed,[29] the Mods had cybernetics installed as well.[31]

Guavian security soldiers of the Guavian Death Gang, had cybernetics installed to enhance them, to serve as enforcers.[32]

The cyborg "Colonel" Guswan Askreeth[33] was present on Canto Bight[34] in 34 ABY[35] and watched a match of Fathier racing.[34] His cybernetics included an arm taken from a 2-1B-series medical droid, the trunk-like body of a FX-8, and a Imperial stormtrooper breath mask.[33]

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