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Cybernetic limbs

"He is a Borg who died last night. You know the term, I'm sure. Half human…half mechanical droid. Yet the man half of him had a soul, or so my faith believes."

A cyborg was a cybernetic organism—that is, a living, sentient organism with mechanical prostheses. Often covered in synthflesh/synthskin, these prostheses served one or more of three purposes:

  1. Life support, often due to injuries sustained. Examples of this were Darth Vader, General Grievous, and Lumiya.
  2. Prosthetic replacements for parts that were lost, though they may not be required for life itself. An example of this was the prosthetic hand used by Luke Skywalker, as well the mechanical arm used by Anakin Skywalker. After the latter became Darth Vader and sustained life-threatening injuries, losing all his limbs, they were replaced by prosthetic ones.
  3. To enhance one's abilities, as in the case of Lobot. General Grievous's abilities were also significantly enhanced by his prostheses, though his main reason for becoming a cyborg was that he had sustained massive injuries and would have died otherwise. However, his four arms, each with its own lightsaber, did improve his swordsmanship beyond his native abilities. Similarly, Darth Vader's physical strength and stamina were greatly enhanced by his cybernetic augmentations, but their primary function was similar to Grievous's.

Cyborg also referred to creatures that were half-organic and half-droid. They were generally regarded as "soulless abominations." Cyberneticists were responsible for developing and creating cybernetic components.



Infamous cyborg General Grievous

Cyborgs with brain implants such as the BioTech Borg Construct Aj^6 were known to suffer from psychosis as a result of their enhancement, and consequently faced fear and prejudice from many beings.

Such cyborgs were not considered citizens under Imperial law, which required surgery to be sponsored by a corporation or government. The cyborg was then indentured to their sponsor. This did not seem to affect the cyborg Darth Vader's standing in the Empire; however, Vader's unique position as Palpatine's lieutenant likely exempted him from most Imperial laws. Even the New Republic required them to undergo regular neural scans.

Cyborgs with large-scale enhancements (over half of their body) were faced with outright fear and derision, often forcing them into hiding. On some backwater worlds, anti-cyborg sentiment was so strong that attempts at burying deceased "borgs" were often met with outbreaks of violence.

Many beings, especially spacers, had a prejudice against droids which they extended to cyborgs; they referred to cyborgs as "borgs."


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