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Cyrus was a male Zabrak Jedi Padawan who attended the Jedi academy on Coruscant during Roan Novachez's time of attendance there. A skilled student, he was nevertheless a bully and troublemaker. He was rarely seen outside the company of fellow Padawan Cronah, and together the two took pleasure in bullying their fellow students at Jedi academy, though they particularly took to bullying Roan. The two were sometimes joined in their bullying by a female student named Jo-Ahn.[1]

In Roan's second year, he briefly took to hanging out with Cronah and Cyrus, though he eventually realized that they did not consider him a true friend. Cyrus then was under Roan's command as Blue Two during the final exam for starfighter pilot training. Along with Cronah, he ditched Roan during the exam, causing them both to get a C+ for the exam. The two both posted disparaging comments on Holobook, leading Yoda to shut down student access to it for a time. Along with Cronah, he tortured the class pet voorpak, Voorpee, resulting in the two being placed on academic probation for the next semester and being denied access to Holobook even after it was restored to the other students.[3]

In Roan's third year, he seemed resolved to prove himself as a model Jedi and displayed none of his past bad behavior, no longer spending time with Cronah. He trained personally under Jedi Master Yoda. During an incident at a talent show involving numerous clones of Voorpee, he broke his arm and temporarily had to wear a cast due to the school's bacta tank malfunctioning.[2]

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Cyrus was the main antagonist of the Star Wars: Jedi Academy series.



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