The Czerka-93U hunting rifle was a ballistic rifle developed by Czerka Arms. An accurate weapon, the rifle's purpose was for hunting game and carried four rounds at a time. Despite holding the designation of a hunting rifle, one Czerka-93U rifle was adopted by the Office of the Constable, the small law enforcement group that secured the Niima Outpost on the planet Jakku. An aftermarket targeting computer was attached to the weapon, but the planet's natural desert environment was detrimental on the optics, and as such the rifle saw little action. At one point in the office's lifespan, the CZ-series secretary/business communications droid CZ-1G5 stole the rifle and eventually passed it on to a rusted BD-3000 luxury droid. When Constable Zuvio pursued CZ-1G5 into Jakku's wastelands, the BD-3000 attempted to ambush Zuvio with the Czerka-93U. Zuvio, having knowledge on the weapon's handling and damaged optics, used the weapon's shortcomings against the droid which allowed himself to shoot the droid dead with his own sidearm.[1]

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