"Excellent job, Kessel will become my new base of operations. From here we will coordinate our lightning strikes - multiple covert attacks just like this one, only on a much larger scale. I'm glad our plan here operated so efficiently. A good sign."
―Czethros during the attack on Kessel[src]

Czethros was a leader of Black Sun in 24 ABY. His face was concealed beneath a visor and he had a single cybernetic eye that glowed red. Czethros also had green hair.


Early lifeEdit

Czethros was a bounty hunter who had hunted Han Solo years before 24 ABY, and was sent to the spice mines of Kessel thanks to a trick on Solo's part. After the death of Prince Xizor during a skirmish on Coruscant in 3 ABY, the crime syndicate Black Sun had fallen from its former glory through infighting and had been keeping a low profile for decades. However, they had been attempting to gain power over the New Republic by planting cells in places of power including political, economic, and military.

Leader of Black SunEdit

In 24 ABY, he met Han Solo and two of his children Jaina and Jacen along with their fellow Academy classmate Zekk on Ord Mantell following the Blockade Runners Derby which saw Zekk win the race. Czethros claimed to be an honest businessman though he arranged for them to be ambushed by Chameleon creatures serving Black Sun and for his deepcover agent Anja Gallandro to come to their rescue. Anja wielded a lightsaber, but was not a Jedi. Instead, she relied on doses of spice to enhance her senses. The spice was supplied by Czethros himself to control her by keeping her addicted to spice.

Following that, on the Millennium Falcon, Anja blamed Han Solo for killing her father. Han, however, managed to put doubts in Anja's mind about what really happened by helping to stop a 25 year-long civil war on her backwater homeworld of Anobis. There, Solo met with the two rival factions and brokered a truce between them. This made Anja wonder whether her hatred for Solo had been misplaced and she agreed to join the Solo twins and their companions at the Jedi Praxeum to discover her abilities.

Escape on Cloud CityEdit

When, the Solo twins and their companions Tenel Ka and Lowbacca went to Cloud City to try out the new SkyCenter Galleria amusement park which was owned by their friend Lando Calrissian, Czethros arranged for a business associate of Lando named Cojahn to be murdered. This made the four Jedi suspicious and they discovered who Czethros actually was, as well as his plot for galactic domination, during an adventure in the lower levels of Cloud City. However, Czethros eluded capture by having several Ugnaught Black Sun mercenaries ambush them.

The four Jedi survived and managed to alert the authorities of Czethros's threat to the galaxy. Soon, Czethros found himself wanted by the New Republic. However, thanks to his contacts, he had managed to evade capture once again and went underground. Unfortunately for Anja, she had realized that without Czethros that there would be no supplier for the spice that fueled her addiction. Anja then stole an Academy vessel and traveled to the ocean world of Mon Calamari where she hoped to retrieve a hidden stash of spice beneath the planet's frozen ice cap.

Czethros had also planted cells in the spice-mining world of Kessel and nearly assassinated Calrissian's longtime Sullustan shipmate Nien Nunb. Knowing he was in danger, Nien Nunb called for help and it arrived in the form of Jaina Solo and Lowbacca. However, because of the sleeper cells, Czethros and an army of Black Sun mercenaries were able to take control of Kessel. During the battle, his agents captured Nien Nunb though Jaina and Lowbacca managed to escape.

Crisis and captureEdit

However, while all this was happening, at the resort city of Crystal Reef on Mon Calamari, Anja was able to confront her spice addiction and her hatred of Han thanks to her Jedi companions Jacen, Tenel Ka and Zekk. Together, they destroyed Czethros's stash of spice on Mon Calamari.

Back on Kessel, Czethros hoped to send a signal that would activate the sleeper cells that he had planted in the positions of power in the New Republic. However, Jaina and Lowbacca sabotaged his operations by destroying the transmitter before Czethros could broadcast his signal. They also freed the prisoners and helped defeat the Black Sun mercenaries. Rather than allow himself captured, Czethros threw himself into a vat of carbonite and was flash-frozen instantly. However, he was later retrieved and placed in New Republic custody. Chief of State Leia Organa Solo would supervise his thawing and interrogation. Although he was uncooperative, with the help of a strategy by Anakin Solo, the Black Sun moles, in their strategic positions, were discovered, defeating the crime syndicate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Czethros was originally meant to be Skorr, the bounty hunter from The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell, until it was remembered that Skorr had died in Showdown.[1]



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