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"Yes, D here. Please inform Lord R that his package is in custody. The opportunity he has been looking for is in there. With his authorization, we can begin. N's hold on this system is as weak as it is going to get. We need to move now."

D was a male Human who worked for the Hutt Riboga during the time of the Clone Wars. In about 21 BBY, Riboga planned to seize control of a criminal organization that was operated in the Cularin system by the Hutt's former accountant Nirama, and in preparation for Riboga's return, D was sent to collect some documents that had been obtained by the Rodian mercenary Kletoo. D arranged to rendezvous with Kletoo inside a bar in the city Tolea Biqua on the planet Genarius, and the Human subseqeuntly traveled to the bar in the company of two Trandoshan associates of his. There, D met with Kletoo and the Rodian attempted to bargain with D, in an attempt to obtain a higher fee for obtaining the documents. However, D responded by getting the Trandoshans to threaten Kletoo with their blasters. The Human then took possession of the documents and paid Kletoo, and he ordered the Trandoshans to escort Kletoo out of the bar. Once they were gone, D used his comlink to contact an associate of Riboga, and told he told them to let the Hutt know that he had obtained the documents. D then double-crossed Riboga and sent a message to the individual M, to inform M that Riboga was about to make a move in the Cularin system.