"In less than eight minutes, D'rinba IV shall cease to exist."
―Darth Vader[src]

D'rinba IV was a world in the Mid Rim that was home to a large Rebel supply base targeted by Darth Vader during the relocation of the Death Star II to Endor. When the D'rinba Rebels learned of Vader's intent, Rebel Alliance agent Corwin Shelvay organized a team consisting of Kyle Katarn, Shira Brie, Erling Tredway, and up to two other agents to disable the superlaser.

As the Death Star neared D'rinba IV, the Rebels attempted to evacuate, using an ion cannon to disable the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Colossus. The Rebels also used their fleet to assault the Death Star as Shelvay's operatives attempted to sabotage the weapon.

The operatives were successful in preventing the superlaser's firing. However, the false data in possession of the main Rebel Fleet regarding the operational status of the weapon was never corrected, leading to a near-catastrophe at the Battle of Endor.

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Schematics of D'rinba IV, showing geological formations

In the board-game video, D'rinba is represented by shots of Hoth, Endor, and Alderaan recycled from the original trilogy.

If the players do not win the Interactive Video Board Game, Darth Vader destroys D'rinba IV. However, since the in-game objective is to prevent him from doing so, the outcome due to failure is apocryphal.

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