This article is about a weapon. You may be looking for D'Skar, the planet of the same name.

D'skar were simple, yet durable daggers constructed by Ekkar Armaments on Coyn and easily the most common weapons to be seen in the possession of a Coynite. The blade was named after D'Skar, the innermost planet of the Coyn system.


Every d'skar was uniquely crafted and therefore no two were exactly alike, ranging from as small as thirty centimeters in length to upwards of half a meter. Ekkar Arms was known for their excellent craftsmanship, and as such, when properly cared for, one of these daggers could remain durable and usable for centuries. While it was easy to find one of the Coynite daggers off-planet, it would likely cost an individual four times the price they would pay by purchasing one directly from Ekkar Arms, where the price was one-hundred fifty credits.



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